bought mini LV design purse today

  1. Honestly- It wasn't planed- but I felt in Love immediatley:yes:

    they also have a speedy in that mini canvas design- gorgeous

    the purse is also canvas and leather inside

    I'm in love
    IMGP0183.JPG IMGP0185.JPG IMGP0186.JPG
  2. That wallet is so nice! I actually didn't like the mini lin line at first, but it's really starting to grow on me. The more pieces I see, the more I like it. I may be tempted to get the speedy, but we'll see what happens...
  3. Glückwunsch :smile:
  4. Beautiful! :love: Congratulations!
  5. Oh, it's the other way round for me. :P When I first saw the pix of the mini lin speedy, I really love it. But after seeing it in person today, I don't think I'll be getting it as many PFers had mentioned before, the fabric seems not durable unlike other LV range...
  6. Oh, btw, congrats for the wallet. It actually looks gorgeous, I totally love the subtle mini monogram and the color, just not sure about the material... :P
  7. Looks great. Enjoy it and thanks for the pics.
  8. Congrats!!! it's cute..
  9. Congrats! I too decided against the speedy and just got a cles instead!
  10. Very nice!! Congrats!!
  11. That's true, about the durability. I'm still trying to convince myself to buy anything in this line. I can't bring myself to do it yet. It starts looking better the more I see it, but I still don't think I will.
  12. :nuts: Congrats!!! It's gorgeous:yes: ENJOY!!!
  13. Danke! Ich dachte schon ich bin die einzige Deutsche hier ;)
  14. Hi! It's a cute wallet! I actually went to LV last weekend to see the speedy and i'm debating between the mini lin or just the good ol' monogram!!! i don't know! the sales person said the mini lin canvas is very durable and resistant to liquid!
  15. I love it! But I wish they made it in other materials. Right now on elux I only see it in vernis, epi, and mini lin. I would love to see it in damier... (and no I don't mean the zippy organizer).