Bought LV Vernis Koala wallet

  1. just bought the new red color vernis koala wallet today but when i came home and looked at it, it had scractches on the front clip part...i think they just gave me the one on the display...should i just keep it or go exchange it or call and ask first?
  2. You should exchange's new color they should have more in you have the pics??
  3. ^^ITA with Nita. You should exchange it!
  4. Get a perfect one
  5. Definetely exchange it. Im sure there will be more in stock.
  6. definitely exchange it. I hate when stores do's so frustrating..let alone time consuming because now you have to send the bag back.
  7. Exchange it for a new one.
    It annoys me when they do this.:cursing:
  8. yea i hate it when this happens too!! now i gotta drive to the mall and exchange it...on top of that i gotta wait till monday cus i work all day sat and sunday at my dad's work.
  9. exchange!!!!!!!
    grr. i hate scratches on the hardware!
  10. Definitely exchange it for a better one.
  11. Definetly exchange it! You know, the hardware on the koala is bound to get scratched, but I think if you scratched it yourself it'd be different :p
  12. the wallet's hardware will get scratches eventually as i use it but i dont like having that little scratches even before i start using i being W E I R D???
  13. go back and get a new one!!
  14. I would call first to make sure that they have another one. If they have more, then I'm sure that it won't be a problem. You deserve a perfect one!
  15. Get a new one! They cost too darn much for you to not be 100% happy!