Bought laptop on ebay--not sure what to do?

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  1. I bought a laptop on ebay the item specific say new
    the title said *NEW*
    THE DETAILED Desription says:
    Originally bought from Woolworths as a gift but its wasted as ive used it barely a handful of times. *Around 6 months old, RRP was £450*
    -It comes with EVERYTHING and most stuff is still packaged up unopened.

    The seller feedback is fairly good but has a few negs for item not as described
    I won it for £270 Rrp only would be that now as Its a pretty cheap n basic lappy
    The seller has since mailed me saying she would not prefer paypal as it charges a **** load of fees(the tone kind of made me think how unprofesional)
    [​IMG] I dunno what to do now althought i have bid and won for the item im getting the feeling i should wait and buy from a proper source but on the other hand I really really want this laptop
    What do you think guys?:confused1:
  2. if her auction states she takes paypal, then i would insist on paypal. i think if you mail a money order or cash, or buy outside of paypal, you will lose some protections, as would the seller. which you'd think they would want, being they are dealing with someone they don't know.

    sounds strange to me. proceed with caution.
  3. I would tell her that you're very sorry that she doesn't prefer Paypal but that this is the way that you'll be paying and leave it at that. If her listing states that she accepts PP, she has to accept it. She could decide to cancel the transaction in which case you were probably best not dealing with her. Good luck!
  4. Hi there, is it possible that you can go and see the Laptop and pay in cash ?. I know friends who have done this before. If not then please ONLY pay by Paypal. Say to the seller :

    "Hi, I have had alot of bad experiences with paying by cheques and postal orders so I would prefer to pay Via Paypal, I know this was an option on the listing and I would like to take it as I know there are benefits for both of us if any of us and unhappy with the trasaction. Thanks"
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    I'd insist on paypal too, shall you need recourse. By common sense the laptop should be fine, but you never know...

    My, you are a brave soul - I bought my first ibook on ebay, the long tabby-cat hairs included I dearly liked (have 3 cats), notsomuch the defunct battery and the half-dead yoyo, let alone the total lack of OS-discs. I stick to retail ever since (with laptops, not with bags).

    Did you look around for retail in your neighbourhood lately? I've seen some pretty good basic laptop deals in the local PCworld for nearly that price (but I'm in Ireland)

    (shameless plug: stick to Mac, no viruses, no worries, just fun)

    PS I wouldn't worry about the tone, Sh*tload is just uppercrust for 'a lot'.
    Does Woolworths sell laptops as gifts nowadays? I should get a life...:shame:smile:
  6. I think this is a blessing. I would not buy a computer on ebay, regardless of seller, feedback, price. In addition, "as ive used it barely a handful of times" is probably BS, plus the no PayPal is a bad sign, too.
  7. Paypal or cancel!:yes:
  8. If you can get a brand new one in Woolies for that price as you said then why not just do that? I've had enough computers need work that I know I'd prefer to have somewhere to return one to.
  9. She should have stated that in the auction. I wouldn't pay unless I could reverse the charge or get my money back if a problem.
  10. Personally i wouldnt buy a laptop on ebay, I didnt even know woolworths sell them!. But if I did I would certainly pay by Paypal.
  11. My DD got a dead laptop with loads of problems on ebay, we all learned a lesson.
    Insist on Paypal and perhaps she will just cancel the auction.
  12. thank for all the replies guys!
    I would have happily bought it retail but i dont think they produce them anymore and I havent seen any in a while,and yep i know theres some good deals on laptop out there but im really picky about them lol its took me 2 years to find one i like worth buying lol!
    Anyways I have emailed the seller no reponse as of yet Will update when she replies
  13. shes replied:
    Its fine, thanks
    then 1 minute later:
    Can you let me know when your going to pay please as i have a few things i want to buy on ebay with the money. Thnks
  14. If it were me, I would RUN in the opposite direction! This sounds like a disaster in the making. Lots of things can go wrong and be wrong with a laptop that's six months old and been used a "handful" of times. Consider yourself lucky she doesn't want paypal and you can use it as the reason to cancel.

    My husband bought a computer on ebay and it was fine BUT it was from a dealer selling last year's model, it was still in the box, seller had 100% feedback and when my husband had a question before bidding, gave him a number and they talked directly. Too risky to buy one that's been used IMO.
  15. I am afraid I too would resist computers on Ebay after a very tecchie friend had a disaster. I figured if someone as competent and IT literate as he is can come unstuck, there'd be no hope for a Luddite like me! I think there are quite a few places where you might get the laptop you like without the hassle in the UK - would you like me to ask him? Happy to PM you with the details if that would be useful.