Bought it cuz' it was cute, but now it has a PURPOSE!

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  1. How could I pass up the Coach Poppy Journal for $20 bucks? I couldn't...same reason I can't walk past the note pads in Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc..etc... I'm simply a note pad junkie!!!
    (Currently loving the Vera Bradley "like" spirals that Walgreens has had lately!)

    Anywho, I purchased because it was cute and why not add it to my collection?

    After carefull consideration before putting pen to paper I decided that if I was going to EVER write in it that it had to have a purpose!!! Now it does!!!

    I know it's called the Poppy journal and I'm sure they meant for me to write about my life in I am! My PURSE life!!
    I'm going to use the journal to "document" all my Coach findings, including what I buy with style#'s and details, what I sell and so on and so forth! What do ya think?

    I know some of you keep track on your PC's but I thought I should use Coach to document Coach! This way I can remember when/where I bought something. What was exchanged/traded for what, and what gifts hubby buys me!!!

    (pic borrowed from BEST SELLER EVER)

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  2. Thats a great idea! I have that journal and the pencil set from the last bag I purchased at the boutique. I should use it for the same thing! Congrats!
  3. What a great idea!
  4. That is a REALLY good idea!
  5. Good idea
  6. Brilliant! :smile:
  7. With all the purchases I've made in the last week, I already have a page filled! lol
    What til' I do my reveal...get your drool cups out! lol
  8. My tank is on FULL!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Very pretty and colorful, and a great idea to boot!!
  10. Are you going from this point forward? i would have a crisis if I tried to do it backwards in time.
  11. love the idea!
  12. Nice! You can take notes and keep track of style numbers for future purchases! Don't forget to write down all the store phone numbers within a 500 mile radius! lol It's so cute!
  13. Super cute journal. Great idea to use it to catalogue your Coach. :tup:
  14. Love that Poppy print!
  15. Cool idea! i would love if Coach did these GWP again! :smile: