Bought Isabella Fiore shoes...need opinions please!!!!

  1. Help me out with opinions please.

    I found these Isabella Fiore shoes today at DSW at a fantastic price.
    However I have no idea if they are cute/nice or dowdy...if they will work with my lifestyle...if they are too dressy for casual outfits and too casual for dressy outfits....
    ......or if any of this matters since they were so darned cheap.

    I should note they are supremely comfy and I have quite a hard time with most shoes.

    thanks :smile:
  2. I am not a fan of kitten heel. This would make a nice office shoes though.
  3. thanks. I think they may have to go back since i don't work in an office....:shame:.
  4. It's not what the shoe looks like, it's how you wear it. :smile:

    If it feels comfortable and you have a problem finding comfortable shoes, then I say keep them! I think they're fine for casual outfits. I can totally see those with a pair of jeans. ;)
  5. I bought a pair of I. Fiore flats today at Neiman's Last Call. I LOVE them! They most likely weren't as cheap as yours...but they WERE on sale...I tried on another pair in black patent w/that heel and LOVED them, but couldn't afford two pair right now. I thought they were incredibly comfy, and I also can never find shoes that are cute and comfortable. I like those, they would go well w/jeans or nice slacks!
  6. i love kitten heels, i can't wear high high heels and if they are comfy to you and you have a hard time finding shoes, i would say keep it. esp at a great price!
  7. They're adorable! I think they would be great with dark wash jeans, or with dress pants, or with a dress! I love the cool details, do you mind if I ask how much you got them for? I wish I could find some I Fiores at my DSW!
  8. They're not my style. If they're comfortable, you could make them work, but I think you could probably do better.
  9. I think they look a bit dowdy...also if you are in that much doubt, you'll probably never wear them!
  10. thanks guys.
    yeah, I feel like they are a bit dowdy for me in the end. Running after 2 small kids all day i either like to wear flats or when out without the kids full on heels.
    these are just not going to get any use.

    in answer to your question I got them for 80% off so....$36!! but i just bought a new pair of boots (see my post- new funky boots...) and sadly this is still alot of $$$ for me.