bought in paris speedy - exchangeable in singapore?

  1. hi ladies :smile:

    I want to get a damier speedy 25 and I may be able to get a friend who's going to paris, where it's cheaper, to get it for me.

    would i be able to exchange the bought in france bag in the singapore boutiques, should the need arise? would i need the receipt?

    also, would i be able to ask for the lock and keys in singapore, in case she forgets?

    thanks! :heart:
  2. I'm pretty sure you can do it.
  3. my SA told me that you can exchange in ANY store in the world, but you can only return at the store you bought from
  4. I remember that I read a thread before. You can exchange your LV bag at any store even in different country.
  5. My mom bought me an LV in Italy and I exchanged it here with no problem (with receipt of course). As far as the lock and key, make sure it hasn't been too long since the purchase. They forgot mine and by the time I realized it they said it was too late. I'd say if it is within 2 weeks and you explain to them it's a bag your friend bought you from another country I'd think they'd comply.
  6. As long as you have the receipt, you can exchange or return in any boutique in the world. My friend bought a Danube in Paris and returned it in the San Francisco store. But then again, I read somewhere that Singapore has no return policy. Better call the boutique to be sure. GoodLVck!
  7. I m sure u can exchange it for something else and it will be at the local price. But u may not be able to get a refund or store credit.
  8. I would think you could exchange it, but they may ask for the receipt.
  9. I think you could return it.
  10. thanks sweeties, really appreciate the replies:smile:
  11. I purchased an epi in Canada last year and exchanged it for another on my arrival back in Australia.
  12. I think the policies are the same across the globe. Stores aren't really much different at all, except for the SAs and the selection.
  13. in some countries, they do not provide 'store credit' or 'return' or refund whatsoever. it is what happen here in Msia. i'm not sure about singapore though.i suggest you call them first ;)
  14. I'm sure you can if you provide the store receipt. But you can exchange only if your store carries the model you intend to return, otherwise, they won't be able to enter it in the computer system. I have exchange Damier Speedy to Monogram Speedy, but when I was going to exchange a pair of shoes purchased from Paris from a smaller size to bigger size, I wasn't able to because my store did not carry that model.