Bought in Chanel boutique but I’m doubting the authenticity

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  1. Hi, new member here. My husband just bought me my first Chanel - classic medium flap in lambskin. It is/was out of stock here in Thailand so he bought it while he was on a business trip in Jarkarta, Indonesia. While he was still there, I was doing online research on what to expect on my first Chanel (lol) so when he finally came home, I kinda know what to look for. I noticed some things are different -
    1. The zipper doesn’t have a brand. No markings at all
    2. The serial number is 8 digits and starts with 27. The most recent I can dind online says that it starts with 25 from 2018 onwards. We sent an email to the Jakarta store and they said the bag was manufactured late 2018. I was thinking, shouldn’t it be 26?
    3. The bag slightly leans forward. I need to balance it before it will stand still.
    4. I’ve only used the bag once and it’s already got marks on the leather flap specially in the middle.

    Am i getting paranoid? I dont know what to do! It was bought at a Chanel boutique. I asked the live chat on but they only refered me to the shop. 22A9A21B-3591-43A7-BD8D-E16811A2A8E4.jpeg 9FEE7EC0-4DB6-4134-ACF7-C1889BB91F46.jpeg
  2. If you brought it from the boutique, it's quite impossible to be not authentic....

    1) Zipper -- The small inner black zipper doesn't have the brand name on it. Mine only said "EP" with a leather attachment.
    2) Serial number -- I can't comment on the serial number, as I brought all my bags from the boutique so there is no doubt in my mind (hence I never bothered to check them.)
    3) Balance issues -- a youtuber complainted that her bag was falling forward on its face, and she returned it. So it could be a quality issue of chanel? (I love chanel, but I need to check EVERYTHING before I paid for their leather goods, too many hits and misses)

    (start watching around 10'00, when she started to talk about the balance issue.)
    4) Scratches -- it seems to me that you have a lambskin bag. Lambskin marks/wrinkles very easily.
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  3. The bag is definitely authentic if purchased from an actual Chanel boutique.

    Some zippers don't have markings and I wouldn't worry about the serial number as there are bags around with a 27 series number. The bag appears to be a medium size and some medium classic flaps do lean forwards especially lambskin as these are lighter than caviar. The marking are normal for a lambskin bag. If you are really concerned then you can have the bag professionally authenticated but it would be extremely extremely unlikely that the bag is non authentic. Buying directly from a boutique is the safest way to guarantee an authentic bag.
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  4. I bought a classic flap jumbo in London this year and it is a 27 series
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  5. I read a story on Instagram awhile ago that a lady purchased a Chanel purse in Kiev, Ukraine and it wasn't authentic. I missed the part how she found it out (she has a lot of Chanel, Birkin purses, other high end brand names, so maybe she just realized it on her own). However, I read that a representative from Chanel head office flown from Paris to have a meeting with her regarding this issue and she was very happy in the end.
  6. I have a flap and it leans forward although I found it gets a little better over time.
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  7. 1. I bought a classic flap from the boutique in late 2018, and there are no markings on the zipper.
    2. The current bags being produced are 27 series
    3. My bag also started off with a slight forward lean, but seems to have straightened out after a few uses
    4. Lambskin can mark and crease easily. Thats just the nature of the leather

    If its from the boutique, it should be authentic. Enjoy your bag :smile:
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  8. The easiest solution is: Return or exchange the bag if you're not "feelin' it" for whatever reason.
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  9. Just accept the bag as authentic since it is from a boutique, or return it. There is nothing that anyone on this forum can say to make you feel any better. You won't use it if you think it is fake, so return it and let someone else enjoy it.
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  10. She used it and scratched the bag, so She can’t return/exchange anymore.
  11. To me it should be authentic as its bought from the boutique. No doubt about it.

    Just enjoy the bag.
  12. To me your 4 points above seems very much authentic.
    1. Yes no marking on the inner zipper on my classic flaps as well
    2. Yes 227xxx is on the market since end 2018/early 2019. Bags with code start with 226xxx are already out since around august/sept 2018 so they were manufactured before that not late 2018.
    3. Yes some of them sometimes do lean forward. I have been hunting the same bag since early 2018 and yet to find the perfect one. I have reissue with same problem but I can solved it with stuffing it during storage. After some time, it doesn’t lean forward anymore.
    4. Sounds normal. It’s lambskin. Can you buff it out with the white clothe given? I hope it will be flawless again. My lambskin bag also got light scratch a couple of times but I managed to buff them out and it looks new. Oh plus one dent on the leather because I pack it on the suitcase and probably get squished. Just let it breathe and it’s back to normal. However, I got a scratch on my lambskin card case and it’s still there. I haven’t really buff it out deligently though.

    But for your peace of mind, try authenticate. Please enjoy your bag with happy feeling not less
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  13. If buying a bag from the boutique still makes you paranoid about the authenticity, you should probably avoid buying handbags. I’m not trying to be rude or anything
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  14. Thank you all for your reply! It has definitely eased my mind. It just all started with the serial code and the latest I could find online was the 25 series for 2018.
  15. There are things with the boutique that I didn’t mention because I think it’s irrelevant and will just make my post longer. I never had issue with my other bags. Just this one because my husband decided to buy one for me while he was overseas and I had to rely on google which size I wanted. I just wanted to know my bag and know which year it was so a simple email to the boutique resulted to suspicion. It took 23 email correspondence in a span of 2 weeks before they could actually said that it was late 2018. And yes, I got a reply here faster than they did.