Bought fitness equipment online?

  1. I just discovered the purse forum has so many other areas than just the handbags and fashion things...I never really took the time to read thru each area until today. This is great!

    Anyway, has anyone purchased fitness equipment off the internet? It seems you may be able to get a higher quality machine for a better price than you would if you went some place. What do you think?
  2. I purchased an elliptical off of Amazon. I'm not sure about the higher quality vs. pricing, but I really enjoy mine. I didn't have to pay tax or shipping which was nice. I did have to assemble it though. The one thing to watch out for is how they deliver it. Most places will just drive up to the curb and drop it off. So if you live in a second story apt/have stairs to get it up/etc., it could prove tricky.
  3. Did you purchase it directly from Amazon or from a retailer off of Amazon? I was looking at and found some nice equipment by a retailer, Bayoufitness and checked out their website and prices are slightly lower. They seem to have a good selection of equipment...
  4. It was directly off of Amazon. It even came with their free shipping since it was over $25. I had one problem with it (wheels were squeaking), but Schwinn sent someone out to take care of it.
  5. I bought my elliptical from NordicTrack online two years ago and we just bought DH an exercise bike from there! It will be here tomorrow!!!
  6. SunnyFreckles, from NordicTrack?
  7. SonOz definitely buy from My brother bought a total trainer from them right after he got out of college since he no longer had the free college gym to go to and he says he gets a better workout on that than when he was going to the gym. He did receive it with a broken dvd and one of the wheels was messed up but bayou fitnes immediately reshipped him the replacement stuff.
  8. I agree - buying online is a great way to get cheaper stuff! I also got my nordic track online.
  9. Yeah!!!
  10. After debating for quite some time over such a large purchase, I finally took the plunge and purchased a treadmill.
    Ive been using it for 2 weeks now and I love... Its very smooth and I feel like I saved a lot by not having to pay delivery or taxes. I love the idea of the weights with the treadmill. I haven't really used them yet but I have been reading my shape and fitness magazine different workouts using lighter weights so I will put them to use soon!

    Ha it is very funny I see this as a big purchase since I have handbags that rival the cost!