Bought first Coach! How do I clean it?

  1. Hey guys, I'm really excited about the first Coach bag I bought the other day! I got the Signature Shoulder Tote in brown


    and I love it. However I'm not sure how to clean it. The sales associate sold me the Coach leather moisturizer and told me to use it on the leather every week or whenever it gets dirty, but the care card says that Coach does not recommend the use of Coach Leather Cleaner or Moisturizer.
    So, do I use it or not? Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!
  2. You can probably use the leather moisturizer on the leather. As for the fabric portion, I spray mine with a Apple Garde rain and stain replellant and if I ever get stains on my fabric Coach bags, or any of my bags, I use a shout wipe or baby wipes.

    It's strange, if the bag part is fabric, it will tell you not to use the leather moisturizer. It should tell you not to use it on the fabric but it's ok on the leather..
  3. I've had mine for a few months now & when I get the bottom leather dirty I just wipe it down w/ a baby wipe. As for the coach care kit, the lady I bought the tote from sold it to me. I never used it.. a few days later I went to another Coach store & questioned it b/c the card said not to use their products on the bag & she said that's correct don't use it.

    But, half the time they don't know what they are talking about. So, I'm not 100% sure.
  4. If the leather is treated you can moisturize and clean it. If its not treated you can't. I would call the store and talk to the manager or call coach directly.
  5. ooh.. I wanted to add, don't use it on the vachetta leather...
  6. I don't know what kind of leather it is...How can I find out? Thanks for all of your advice!
  7. It doesn't look like you have vachetta on this one you bought. Vachetta is the tan leather like this tote..
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  8. someone posted a really good thread about cleaning bags here...and it was cut & pasted straight from the COACH website and gives info on how to clean all the bags.

    I know everyone has an opinion, and I do too, but seriously, for the BEST advice, I would call COACH directly and hear it from the Customer Service reps...they would be better to serve you than the COACH store...sounds pitiful, but it's true. 1-888-262-6224
  9. Thanks guys! I called Coach and they told me to just use a damp cloth for the leather, not a moisturizer, even though the sales associate told me to use it and sold it to me! argh I hope I can return it!:yes:
  10. Very pretty bag. Congratulations!
  11. :yes: You can return it. They always try to sell you the cleaner/moisturizer because Coach stresses their SAs to make multiple sales.:rolleyes: (I used to work there.:flowers: )
  12. Well I have a question on if that's really true or not...thats what I always thought...but the info that came in my Black Daphne said it was Vachetta.
  13. All my colored leathers I just use a baby wipe to cleanse..& nothing horrible happens. I don't know I always thought that the tan untreated leather was vachetta. and the care cards & pamplet that comes in the bag seems always the same for every bag.
  14. I've definitely gotten different care cards for different bags....and the one in my daphne said it was vachetta...and NOT to use coach cleaner or mosturizer but just a damp cloth to clean it. It also doesn't seem to scuff as easily as some of my leather bags...which leads me to believe its different.
  15. The other day when I was in, my SA that I always go to told me that I could just use a light soap and water on the sig. parts.

    I returned that bag though. HAHAHA

    I generally don't clean ANY of my bags... yes... ANY! None of my bags have any marks... the only one that does is my first Coach that has an all suede bottom... which I'd never buy again... the pink is completely black and I can't get it out. LOL