Bought first BE yesterday - TME - now worried too big?

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  1. Hi everyone. Yesterday I bought my first BE bag - a plum crash TME! I'm very excited, except now I'm starting to worry that the full size may be too big and that maybe I should have gone with the TME Midi instead. I live in NYC and for now will be mostly using it to go back and forth to work - I typically carry my wallet, blackberry, cell, a book, some makeup - i.e., not too, too much stuff, BUT I do like having the option of having more room in a bag, if I have to bring home some papers, or stop at the drugstore and buy a couple of small things, etc. I'm 5'7", and I figured with the fact that the bag is sort of open at the top, better to have more room rather than potentially feeling like I'm having to squeeze things in. I'm just hoping it won't feel/look ginormous on me. What do you think, did I make the right choice? Someday maybe I'll be able to have a midi BE too, but for now, this one is all I can afford!
  2. TBH if you look at the measurements the midi isn't that much smaller. I think if you are 5'7'' given that the bag will soft and smoosh it'll be fine. I think you made the right choice:tup:
  3. Minnifer - sounds like you'll be gratful of the extra space on occasion - right decision IMO
  4. i think you bought the right size. i use my car for work and a TME midi feels right and has some room. however when i go up to central london for a meeting i take a huge bag, because by the time i add my papers, book for the tube, water etc...i think better it's a little big than too small. the TME is such a light and comfortable style your extra space will just be extra slouch.

    also the plum+gold combination is meant to be out of this world so says our very own BE expert lovebags!!! take a look at BE homepage to reassure yourself, i am sure the latest belenista with the grey glossy TME has the larger size in the photo:supacool:

    dont forget to take a pic and do us a review when you get your bag!!!
  5. I think the size will be great ... I have the midi and wish I had the full size .. I'm 5' 5"

    Plus it will get soft and won't be bulky at all...
  6. Congrats Minifer - I think you made the right choice..
  7. You made the right choice. I have the TME in black crash but I want a plum crash so much!! I digress...I am 5 7 also and this bag does not look big on me at all. It is not bulky, it fits nicely against the body. I can not imagine having anything smaller.

  8. Thanks everyone - I'm feeling much better about my decision now, thanks to all of your helpful comments. And I got an email this morning that my bag is on its way - yippee!!! Can't wait...
  9. post up some pictures when it arrives :tup:

  10. Why thank you for the sweet title! hehe

    Okay, here's my thoughts on a TME vs TME midi after having experience with both sizes (I'm 5'7). I MUCH prefer the TME size. Currently, I don't even own a tme midi yet I have 2 TME's and would love another someday. Perhaps the taupe grey, tan, wine or auberine? The list just goes on.

    I totally agree with Jackie when she mentioned to me the midi really isn't much smaller then the TME. She's SO right. There's not a significant difference there YET the TME feels perfect.

    Initially, I thought the tme midi was just "right" But, that was until my TME arrived.

    Jackie loves her TME too!

    The plum crash is just stunning. I use mine for travel and LOVE it to pieces especially on a cold winter's day!:smile: