Bought Fendi at Off 5th? Your bag may not be authentic!

  1. Omg i just saw this thread now... I'm so glad I never bought that Fendi bag at Off 5th. That was at the Wrentham location though
  2. This is horrible to hear! I'm going to Saks across the border in a week or two. Now I'm afraid to buy any Fendis there and they have quite a selection. Yikes! Do you think it's just Spys or all of them are fake?
  3. Well Saks would have real ones, it was just that Off the 5th (the outlet) had some fakes so we need to be careful even with well known stores like that:yes:
  4. ^ sorry, ididn't clarify. i'm actually going to an Off Saks. i guess i won't be buying any Fendis there! i don't trust my authentication skills just yet.
  5. i don't think alot of them are even selling fendi anymore!
  6. I still haven't gotten my money, how irritating is that. I was told after the refund, a check would be sent to me in 30 days. Since 30 days have passed, I called, and apparently, I had to request this check. So now it will be here in two weeks. GRRR...
  7. just checking, did you get anything yet?
  8. I sure hope no one purchased any Fendi's at Sams Club (wally-mart clone but sell in bulk). They settled a recent lawsuit with Fendi for selling replica handbags (fakes).
  9. I did get my money. So I was ready to move on to the next step, but work has been crazy, and DH and I finally went on our belated honeymoon. I'm working on a letter to Saks corporate. I have more in mind, but this is just the first thing I want to do. Even though we got our money back, Off 5th sold lots of those bags, and I think they have a duty to find those customers! So I intend to point this out to them.
  10. I feel for you and am glad you got your money. I wish everyone else who got scammed (not necessarily at off saks) could get their money back too. I learned today what it felt like to stick up for what you believe in and made a post about it. I was undecided about whether to write any letters but I think I might. The post about my "experience" in my signature:
  11. I read that post, I was really proud of you for going to all that effort! Made me a little ashamed that I wasn't more active...:shame:

    Hey, I just realized you're in Dallas too!
  12. Oh well you're case was totally different! Maybe we'll meet someday at a possible future tpf meeting? Oh and I just moved out of Dallas but right next to Willow Bend whoohoo! Only 15 mins away from the Galleria too:biggrin:
  13. WOw... I can't beleive this happened:tdown:. I'm so glad that I read this. Thank you all for sharing this issue... :smile:
  14. Northpark is my favorite, but I live so far from there. Wow, a TPF meeting in Dallas would be great, Swanky can lead us in some meaningful discussions about our bags :p

  15. Wow, sorry this happened to you! Do you think these bags were part of a return? Maybe someone bought an authentic one and returned the fake???