Bought Fendi at Off 5th? Your bag may not be authentic!

  1. This incident has made me so paranoid. I bought a Prada at Neiman's today. Because the SA told me it was a store return, I got all suspicious. I made him look it over just to make sure it's real. I'm sure he thought I was crazy. I don't think I can shop at any Saks anymore.
  2. T - I don't blame you for being paranoid about a Prada, along with the Fendis, they are one of the most faked bags & you really need to know your stuff to authenticate some of them....even IRL:wtf:!
  3. Stupid ppl!!! I got sent a letter saying that they don't have the jan05 and feb05 statements....well i dun care,

    what the hell is up with Saks yo????

    anyways, my aunt checked my other aunts bag and her hologram sticker is coming off too. she got her purse from a store called ANNIE SEZ in Staten Island, NY.....

    while I know that this store may have had some real Fendi and they do sell real 7 for all mankind jeans, they muct have gotten these from an off 5th or the same ppl
    that off 5th got them from.....

    I wonder just how many ppl think they are holding real and they aren't...and paid so much for a fake, when they coulda bought a fake for $50....bull ****
  4. I'm sorry Julz, looks like neither of us are getting anywhere. I'm not out as much $ as you, so I'm tempted to say "forget the refund!" and I'm just going to turn my story over to as many magazine and newspaper publication as I can find.
  5. hmmm maybe someone who works there just did a switcharoo between the real and the fakes
  6. We considered the switch scenario, but given how many of these bags there were, and from various Off 5th locations, it's more likely that Off 5th purchased (accidentally or not) a large batch of fakes.

    Oh, I dug up Fendi's corporate information from LVMH's website, or at least I think this is corporate.

    Fendi North America
    720 Fifth Avenue
    New York
    TEL :+ 1 212 767 01 00
    FAX :+ 1 212 767 05 45

    Fendi Hawaii Inc.
    2255 Kuhio Avenue, Suite 1400
    HI 96815
    TEL :+ 1 808 971 8450
    FAX :+ 1 808 971 8459
  7. any news???

    i'm still waiting for my statements to arrive....and then i'm just gonna return it!
  8. No nothing, I tried calling the last two days, but was told she's out, so she might be sick. Actually, one of my co-workers called for me today, after I told her that I'm not that great at being confrontational. Since the manager wasn't there, obviously nothing happened.

    But I asked my co-worker what she would have said. She replied "Hi, this is xxx representing xxx in her consumer fraud case against you. My client has been patiently waiting for a response." :p In Texas, this type of case gets treble damages, so I offered her 1/3 if she keeps representing me, and then we can go shopping, hehe.
  9. Ok, I got an update. The manager told me that she talked to her boss, who talked to Corporate. Corporate wished to convey to me that Saks would never "knowingly" sell a counterfeit, but since I'm not "happy" with the item, they'll take it back. However, the Saks card that I purchased the bag with is closed, so I was offered a store credit, to Off 5th ONLY, no regular Saks.

    I called the credit card customer service, and they said a refund can be issued to a closed card, and I'll get a refund check in about 30 days. So I'm going to opt for that instead. I don't think I can shop at Off 5th anymore.
  10. Good for you. The whole refund only to be used at off 5th thing is completely lame.

    I'm glad you're getting your money back, but this resolution still leaves me completely dissatisfied. What about all the other people Off 5th unloaded fakes on who are still none the wiser??
  11. Oh, I'm not done with Saks yet :graucho:, but I'm going to wait and get my money back first. And I'll need your and baglady's help in a little writing :smile:
  12. Ooo... I sense some plotting... I like. :sneaky:
  13. i got my statements today, so i guess i'm returning my bag tomorrow. i wish i had a printer so that i can show them the difference of my tags and a real one....

    wish me luck!
  14. Hehehe

    Good luck, Julz!
  15. didn't get to go today, prob tomorrow...any advice for what i should say??