Bought Fendi at Off 5th? Your bag may not be authentic!

  1. Yes, this whole matter is rather distressing. Both BagLady and I are convined that Julz and Titania's bags are fake. Considering these bags came from different stores, Julz bought more than one of them, and now it sounds like we have more coming out of the woodwork, it looks like a major scandal to me.

    Please, anyone else who has bought a bag--especially a FF logo print bag--at Off 5th, please take pics of your bag, and especially its hologram, leather serial strip, and authenticity card and post them in this thread for us.

    It really ticks me off that Saks would use its goodwill to pass off fakes on unsuspecting buyers. Yes, it is "Off 5th", but it still is owned by Saks and carries the Saks name, and IMHO there is no way Off 5th should be selling fakes (aside from the simple fact that it is illegal).
  2. whoa, that's really messed up.

    i bought a pair of Fendi sunglasses from them in the summer. any risk with that? can anyone authenticate sunglasses?
  3. I agree Lit, I think that this needs to be reported to FENDI...! I think they need to know & I believe they will get involved. Does anyone have the phone number for people? :confused1:
  4. Hey, we're looking at you to be the guiding light here, you should have all the answers :roflmfao:

    I'm thinking if we call a Fendi store, they should be able to provide corporate information.
  5. You can post pics in the "authenticate this" thread. I don't think I would worry too much about the sunglasses. As far as I can tell, this problem is limited to zucca print bags.
  6. Well, Litigatrix and Baglady are the two authenticating pros, they'll have to answer that. It's a good question, I have some Dior sunglasses that I want somebody to look at. I can't believe how EVERYTHING is faked, so depressing :sad:

  7. I work for an optometrist, and we carry the fendi line both in Sun and Opthalmic. Chances are if you post pics of them, esp. the print on the inside of the temple that has the style #, color etc., even if I dont have the exact pair in store, I have access to this years and previous years catalogs, so I can probably help you out if you're worried.
  8. OMG!!! This is crazy I would never have thought to doubt the authenticy of a bag bought from Off 5th. I would get Fendi involved.
  9. I don't think everything from Off 5th is fake, I buy my 7 for all mankind jeans there and they are real(I'M SURE!)

    I just think its limited to the Fendi bags. I have to call the lady or I'm going there to ***** her out for not hurrying the eff up!!!
  10. Omg. I am shocked and appalled that off 5th sold fakes!! I agree with baglady, it might be best to get Fendi involved. Who knows how many people have been ripped off! After reading this I will never purchase any bag from off 5th.
  11. Eek, my aunt has bought a few fendi bags from off 5th. she doesn't use them anymore but i remember she said that one day she went and the bags were sold for $79.99 so she bought a bunch of them. She said that the store (off 5th in Katy, TX) just got a new shipment of fendi and prada. This was probably about 1.5-2 years ago. It just seemed like too good of a deal.
  12. wow! That is scary. Luckily I never bought any purses at off saks before and I will never get any from them in the future either.
  13. WHoa!! Lots of $80 Fendi? It sure sounds like your autnt got hit, too. If you can get pics at some point, please post them here.
  14. I'll try to see if I can get pics. It's been a long time and I don't know if she's given them away already.

  15. My big old fake is from Katy too. I didn't realize it until I saw my statement, I kept thinking it was Stafford. All those silly little Texas towns :p