Bought Fendi at Off 5th? Your bag may not be authentic!

  1. Hi! This all started in the Bahamas when at a Fendi store the SA told me hat they never made my style bag implying my bag was a fake. That couldn't be because I bought my bag from Saks Off 5th!!! I assumed she just wanted me to buy one from there so she could get some money!

    When I came back home I started asking around and was directed here to The Purse Forum. After posting pictures Litigatrix and Bag Lady have both agreed that my bag is FAKE!!!

    I bought 3 purses from there. I have my bag's pictures and one of my Aunts' tag pics. Also Titania029 bought a different style bag than me and her bag was found to be FAKE as well.

    We both contacted the Off 5th where we bought our bags and have gotten responses, Titania029 more so than I did. We would still like more help if you could provide us with it.

    I am posting pictures of our fakes and a real version of my style bag. If anyone has bought a bag from Off 5th, please contribute or if you have a real bag like Titania029's please share your pictures. Thank You!

    *Also, if it helps, one of my bags is from Cincinnati, Ohio and the other two were from Cleveland, Ohio. And Titania029's was from Dallas, Texas.
    06_13_07_0207.jpg 06_13_07_0209.jpg 06_13_07_0216.jpg 06_13_07_0217.jpg 06_13_07_0218.jpg
  2. These and the above are my bag:
    06_13_07_0214.jpg 06_13_07_0213.jpg 06_13_07_0212.jpg 06_13_07_0222.jpg
  3. Here are my Aunts' tags(same style and color as my bag) and Titania029's bag:
    0614070428.jpg 0614070428a.jpg Fendi002.jpg Fendi003.jpg Fendi009.jpg
  4. Fendi007.jpg Fendi008.jpg
  5. Thanks Julz! I actually took mine to a regular Saks (but I did buy it at an Off 5th), since they're more likely to have someone specializing in Fendi to look at it, and yes, they did, and this expert wasn't sure (more power to our experts here!)

    So now we're both hoping to find our old credit card statements to prove that we bought the bags at Off 5th. Once I get mine, I'll be taking it to my nearest Off 5th to ask for my money back.
  6. Dear Ms. Daloo and Ms. Titania:

    OH NO... I think I am a victim of the off 5th 'scam' too?!!!!!!!!!

    I just visited this forum to check on some b bags and saw your threads....

    I too bought 3 logo bag from off 5th back in early 2006...

    I've found 2 of the bags have the 'removable hologram', and the 3rd one I've gave to my mom, so I'll ask tomorrow!!!

    I did compare the B bag that I've bought from NM and it is NOT the same kind of hologram (it is the same as yours; Ms. Titania, NOT removable)......

    I am TOO going to call my local off 5th store about the authenticity issue???

    I wonder HOW MANY victims are out there w/o even noticing these bags could be fake until now???

    Pls. exchange notes after you've talk to your local store and I'll let you know how it turn out for me?!

    Thank you SO MUCH for starting this thread!!!
  7. That's the good thing about this forum.


    I really hope you guys get this sorted out. I am disgusted hearing it.
  8. Yes! We were able to benefit another person with our stories. But I'm sorry it happened to you too, Morganng :sad:. Oh, by the way, my hologram sticker is removable, that's what caused my suspicion in the first place.
  9. Dear Ms. Titania:

    I didn't even have any second thoughts as off 5 is an outlet for Saks, but now it's making me wonder about the other brand's bags which I've bought in the past years... Hmm....

    Thank you again for the thread and since our store in CA has NOT open yet, I'll keep you ladies posted...
  10. Can you post pictures of your bags and tags please, it would really help! What styles do you have and what they look like?

    and do you still have paper tags and receipt????
  11. I am confused, I thought the outlet sold bags from the mother store(Saks) that were overstock, irregular etc..
  12. When I talked to the manager at my Off 5th, she said they buy from the same people that buy for Saks,NM , Nordstorm etc...So someone made a mistake or someone is trying to put more money in their own pockets....
  13. I'm not sure this statement is entirely true, I have seen things at Off 5th that I don't think Saks would ever carry. But if you go into Last Call, I have generally seen those things in Neiman's. So I think Off 5th has different suppliers, and someone messed up.

    An update on mine, I got my statement from Saks, and it shows that I purchased a fabric bag, that's very descriptive...:push:

  14. sweeeet, thats what mine is gonna say too??? Whatever, when I talked to the manager at mine I specifically asked her if she remembered when they were selling the Fendi purses there and she said yes. So I know she saw the bag that I have there. I also bought it over the phone first, and then picked it up. DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA :s
  15. Wow, thanks for the info, I didn’t not realize that Off 5th was a different store. I wonder what other fakes they sell.