Bought Fake on Ebay -- dispute or keep to get it out of circulation?

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  1. (One of the other CL forum members suggested I post this here since it's an interesting question. I posted this earlier this morning on the CL S&D thread.)

    Ok, ladies -- I bought a knockoff on ebay (not on purpose, but I didn't check first even though they said they'd had to relist due to NPB). Here's the thing, the whole shebang is only $200 including shipping. Am I crazy for kinda wanting to pay the $200 just to get the knockoff off the market and then leaving the seller scathing negative feedback, instead of getting the auction canceled?

    It's just...I know he's just gonna relist it if I get the transaction canceled and I an afford to lose $200 more than some others could (although it still stinks--that's 1/3 of a NEW classic CL!). But, I'd hate for someone who can't really lose it to buy these thinking they're such a bargain and the real thing. What do you guys think? :wondering
  2. Return it and give the seller a negative. There's not much more that you can do I'm afraid, with regards to helping safeguard other potential victims.
  3. Honestly elfgirl? I think whilst it is admirable that you want to prevent this from happening to someone else, there are loads of fakes out there and one less pair won't make too much of a difference - get your money back :flowers:
  4. :yes:
  5. ^^ I think that's pretty much going to be the general consensus. The idea of the guy turning around and selling it again just irritates me. :blah:

    I've not paid, yet. I've reported it to Ebay (and put it up on the CLs fakes thread), so in reality it may get pulled by them and make the point moot.

    The moral of the story: Never shop within 30 minutes of getting up, before 7AM in the morning, and always check the damn authenticity thread. :P
  6. One way to combat fakes is not to buy them. If the market demand drops, that's the best thing that could happen. So, if you keep it, in essence you've bought a fake.

    You could use that money for an altruistic or charitable purpose if you don't need it and want to do good in the world.:smile:
  7. Sellers look at your buying history and can see you bought a fake. it could be problematic in more ways than 1.

    Return it and leave a negative. Make 100% sure the item was fake first.
  8. Agree, file SNAD w/ ebay and return the fugly shoes.

    And then report this seller every time they relist these shoes. Get others to help you report.

    And sometimes ebay deems fakes destroyed.
  9. Agree with noshoe, EM, and others: Get you money back and then leave a neg saying they are fake.
  10. I am dealing with this issue right now. After waiting to hear back from Ebay they finally replied and said to return the bag to the seller. I can't believe that they want that fake bag back into another auction. Haven't left my feedback yet but I am sure that person will just start a new account anyway....
  11. I would return it (if you received it already) or just not pay if you just won. As much as I hate fakes I do think they should be returned to the original owner. I blame ebay for not being more diligent in keeping fakes off of their site and instead relying on others to report them.
  12. ebay normally ask you to destroy fakes once you have received them , but and this is a big but an arduous task , as you the buyer have to prove they are fake confirmed in writing good luck whatever route you decide to take .

  13. You should send it back and report him for sure...for selling fakes

    a negative is actually the right thing...many of us here on the forum

    do whatever is necessary to have fakes removed from ebay as well as

    other sites.. you should do this as does make a difference