Bought fake chanel and she is reselling!

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  1. Why didn´t you leave negative feedback?
  2. Report the listing to Ebay.
  3. Are you sure its fake?
  4. Definitely fake.

  5. Exactly... contact ebay & see if you can get the listing removed
  6. Well that's good. The listing is now removed.
  7. that's good.. no one wants to deal with a fake bag
  8. I hate to say it, but there probably isn't much you can do. I purchased a fake on ebay a while back and the seller ended up reselling it several times. I left negative feedback, used carol diva to confirm it was fake and even had another one (different color) that was authentic to compare with. But the seller kept doing it and each time people would leave neg feedback and then a couple months later the seller would relist it. I was contacted several times by buyers asking about my experience and they all had the same story. We all got in touch with ebay and guess what, to this day the seller is still on ebay and still selling that, and similar, items. At the end of the day ebay really doesn't care.