Bought fake bag. Scared to leave negative feedback. Advice?

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  1. So I'm an idiot and succumbed to my greed. Bought a fake Tods bag from a seller in the UK. The seller has been very very nice though and is refunding me. EXCEPT I spent $70 on round trip shipping I'm not getting back. I'm angry at the seller but even more angry at myself. The question is what to do about feedback. The seller wants me to leave positive feedback bc he says he's been so accomodating. But then I'm thinking why should I be punished $70 bc he listed a fake as AUTHENTIC? I haven't left any feedback yet and am wondering what to do. Is there a way to leave neutral or positive feedback yet still report the seller to eBay? What would you do? Thx, Jenn
  2. I wouldn't leave any feedback, personally - though it depends on whether this person is likely to try to resell the bag as authentic and/or makes a habit of selling fakes - if they made a genuine mistake, fair enough, but if they were trying it on then go for the neg feedback and report them IMO.

    They have no right to demand pos feedback purely because they gave you some of the money back you paid for a worthless, and basically illegal, item!

  3. there is no way you could ask to be reimbured for s/h? Tell him you are leaving negative fedback because he sold you a fake and now you are out $70 for shipping and handing.
    Just to the point and honest.
  4. I would demand the shipping back, file a complaint with Paypal and Ebay AND leave a negative feedback.
    You're shipping should have been refunded. If the bag was listed as authentic, you paid for something that you didn't want and you shouldn't be out $70 to have a fakey sent to you.
  5. If he sold you a fake as and "authentic" bag, the least he could do is be accomodating, so that's not a virtue...As an ebay shopper I'd say demand your money back, and leave negative feedback. You dont have to be rude, just make it a point to note that his bags are fake....I'm thinking from a consumer standpoint, it's better to let other buyers know so that they don't go through the same thing rather than leaving it with positive or no feedback, and this seller fooling other buyers...
  6. It's MAIL FRAUD for them to mail you a counterfeit . . throw around some keywords such as Federal Offense adn Mail Fraud and see if you can't get re-imbursed.
    Also, I'd wait until day 45 to leave them neg feedback. You have 45 days to leave feedback and other Buyers deserve to know, wouldn't you have liked to known before by reading his feedback that he sells counterfeits?
    It's our duty to leave appropriate feedback IMO.
  7. That's what I hate about these scammers. They tend to hold feedback over your head. It's really not fair because they have a perfect feedback score, which people rely on, and even think its okay to bid because of this.

    If it was me, I would not leave positive feedback, and probably leave a negative. If the seller retailiates you can always write another comment like: "asked me to leave positive feedback although the purse was a fake."
  8. I really don't like leaving neg/neutral feedback, but if you can't work out something with the seller- you should warn fellow ebayers about this person.

    I really do seriously consider all neg/neutral feedback when considering purchasing something. It's really helpful to have those brave ebayers write that the bag they received is a fake!

    Still I wouldn't leave any feedback until you got your money back.

    But, I think $70 is alot of money to throw away- why should you be stuck with that charge and coerced into leaving positive feedback. That is not right!

    I personally tend to shy away from international sellers because it's much harder to get them to comply to federal laws- since they don't apply to them.

    Don't forget to put the person on the bad ebay sellers list.
  9. Also, if someone files a negative feedback as retaliation, that can be reported to ebay and in most cases, they'll take it off your record.
  10. Firstly, if you leave negative feedback you are not going to get your $70 back. Do your best first to be civil and firm, and say that you will not leave positive feedback unless they refund via Paypal the $70 you lost within 24 hours. (Also, how much feedback does this seller have? If they have 100 positives, then it would hurt them a lot if they got a negative, and you have more leverage.) If they do not refund the shipping tell them you will file a strike against the seller with Ebay, Paypal and post negative feedback. However, if they do refund the money tell them you will leave very civil positive feedback.

    Think of your money first, then your feedback. One negative is not going to hurt you, especially if you write a statement underneath their comments stating what happened to you.

    Also I totally reccommend asking advice on the webpage. They have this chat feature where you can talk with an ebay representative immediately, and they can offer you the best advice on this and any other matter. They will guide you towards the best possible outcome.

  11. I have no experience with this, but check to see if it is true. I recieved negative feedback once in retaliation, but it was not taken off my record.

    A dunce sent me a fake coupon to a free hotel stay, put a 37 cent stamp on it and charged me $10 for shipping. I posted negative feedback, he posted back, and that is my only negative in 7 years, and because of him, now that I sell on ebay I don't have 100% positive and I may not be getting the same sort of sales flow as I would if I was 100%, yet I think people can tell that was a long time ago. Informed buyers know what is what.
  12. I absolutely agree with Michele ^^
    IMO, Positive feedback shouldnt give to this seller :cursing:
  13. Sorry that's 2 things:
    The seller has no obligation to refund shipping even if you filed a claim with paypal & ebay. It sucks...but that's their rules.
    You have 90 days to file feedback....but there is a flaw in the system that sometimes lets it go past 90 days.

    As a buyer your feedback doesn't really I would neg him stating "Seller sold fake Tod's handbag." Nothing more needs to be said. It warns all future buyers.
    If he retaliates promptly respond to it by saying "retaliatory feedback. Seller sold me a fake Tod's handbag"
  14. You need to warn others, and leave the negative, how else is another buyer going to know they are about to be stuck with a fake!

    You probably won't get your money back on the shipping, and were lucky to get what you got back!
  15. NEVER ever be afraid to leave feedback. Leave the seller/scammer the feedback they deserve. Who cares if they leave you a negative? Wear that neg with pride so everyone knows what happened. Make sure to be factual, and not vulgar in the feedback you leave. For example:

    Seller sold me a fake Tod's bag. Buyer beware.
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