Bought fake bag on Ebay - any advice?

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  1. Hello :smile:

    I already put this issue to discussion in "validate this.." and got great help on checking for sure if it's a fake. :yes:
    Now I just want to know if any of you guys can give me any advice on a dispute going on right now (that seems to take long). I'm new here (wish I knew about this fantastic forum before!), at Ebay and with Paypal - so there are so many things to learn right now (and I also feel so stupid right now for believing the seller).

    My english might not be the best, but I hope you understand me.

    The "case": I bought a Chloé Paddington at Ebay. Upon arrival I checked it and compared with my own (which is not fake for sure since it's bought in a Chloé authorized seller shop) and all the signs of a fake was there. Shiny hardware, bad leather, stuffed handles, etc.

    I listened to second oponions and all who took a look at it, said there's no doubt it's fake (even the seriel number is not correct). :sad:

    Now I've opened a dispute with seller, and at first she said she never claimed it was authentic!!
    And then afterwards she also said that she thought it was authentic. That I could get my money bag AND still keep the bag if I wanted (:confused1:).

    Then I wrote that the bag was listed as a Chloé Paddington - which is is not. And even her return policy says that "I accept returns if item is not as described". But since she said she refund the money I was content (even though I payed a lot in customs tax as well!).

    Now, however, she "changed" again, saying that she wants proofs that the bag is fake - that she will not give money back until I give her that. And she also take very long to answer my messages now - unlike before!

    I bought the bag in end of april (26.), and received it from the customs 18th of may.

    Is there any advices you can give to me about dispute, claim, etc? I will appreciate it very much. :yes:
  2. I am sorry this happened to you. And welcome to the forum.

    There is loads of advice on this part of TPF as lots of us have been burned one way or another, so if you search you will get the lowdown, but for now, can I ask if you are communicating with the seller via the Paypal dispute resolution console? I.e. have you actually started a SNAD claim?
  3. Hi - and thank you very much for your welcome and answer :smile:

    Yes, I'm a currently communicating with seller right now via Paypal dispute. It has been going on for a little more than 24 hrs. now. She is not answering very fast and I'm affraid it will not be solved like this. Just a feeling.

    What is a SNAD claim? Is that the claim mentioned on Paypal when I want start escalating to claim? I didn't do that yet - and don't know when it's time to do so.

    The seller is quite firm now, saying if I don't have proof then she will not give refund. But on the other hand, I'm sure (!) she can't proof that it's authentic either. It's so tough when both I and the girls in the Chloé forum are 100% sure it's fake!

    I payed 740 AU dollars for the bag. My first major purchase. Will do more research next time instead of being naive. On top I payed the Danish Customs 278 AU dollars because it got caught in the customs!! So all in all I lost a lot of money. Really, really hope to get it back! Don't want a fake bag!

    I wonder whether you can get a refund of that money or should I just be happy if I get the money back from the bag?

    It feels so bad to be cheated like this :sad:
  4. Did you pay with a credit card? You should get your money back if you did.

    Also, do NOT send her back the bag unless PayPal tells you to do so. You'll need to keep it as evidence. The burden of proof is with the seller, so if she can't prove it, she will have to give you a refund.

    And SNAD = significantly not as described. The term is often used when describing a counterfeit that was described as real.
  5. Yes, I payed with credit card. :yes:

    I will not send the bag until PayPal tell me too, and then get a trace number and everything.

    The dispute I opened is indeed as a SNAD.
    But when to take it to another level; the claim? right now it's still just us communicating in the dispute. It has been around 30 hrs. by now. And now she not answering anymore (maybe she's busy or a sleep, but I start to be so tired of waiting for her answers). Her last comment was that she would only give me refund if I prove the bag is a fake. The messages I wrote after that, about what tells its a fake, etc., she didn't answer yet.
  6. As long as the Paypal dispute is running I would say it quite likely that you will get your money back. As long as you have stated to Paypal that the bag was advertised as being 100% authentic and it is not. Also that it is NOT a Chloe Paddington as advertised then you should get your money back.

    In the cases that I have had, I have found that this is normally found in favour of the buyer.

    Also, as lorihmatthews said, if you paid with a Credit Card you may be able to get your money back from them.

    Good Luck.
  7. Take it to claim now and when you do return it to her ensure you declare the full cost so that she will have to pay the customs charge that you did.

    She is being difficult
  8. Thanks.

    I have stated in the PayPal dispute that the item is not as described. As she points out herself, the seller, she never listed the bag as authentic (very tasteless to write)! But as I've pointed out to her, she did list it as a Chloé Paddington, which it's not = item not as described.

    And yes, I really hope that I'll get the money back! Even though it might get tough to get the money from the Customs back, sadly.
  9. I hope everything turns out well for you at the end. Keep us posted!
  10. This is unbelieveable. She herself is saying she never said it was authentic? That doesn't matter one bit. Tell her it is illegal to sell counterfit bags. You will get your money back. I don't think you can get back customs though (not sure), since you didn't pay for that part through Paypal.
    By the way, welcome. And your english is flawless. :smile:
  11. If you can, print out a copy of the auction so that you have a copy of what she said. Take a photo of the bag that you received as well.

    Is the bag the same as the one in the photo of the auction? If the bag is significantly different to the bag in the auction then Paypal should find in your favour. Remember that you may have to pay to send this bag back to the seller - if you do, send it fully tracked so that you have a tracking number as you will have to provide Paypal with this number.

    If your customs payment is separate from the Paypal payment then I doubt you will be able to get this back unfortunately.
  12. Thank you very much :smile:

    I already told her that it's in fact illegal to sell counterfit bags. She hasn't yet responded. It might also be night in Australia by now, but she's suddenly not so communicative anymore. But yes, it was her first statement in her message to me in the conversation. And then after that it went to that she didn't know it was fake - to I will happily give you back your money if you can prove it to be fake! :Push:

    Some of you helpful people told me to start the claim already now. I think I read somewhere to wait 48 hrs. before escalating? Or is that just depending on what's happening in the conversation? It's not quite been 48 hrs. yet. But then again don't think I get any where with someone who asks me send her proof.
  13. Ok, I will print a copy of the auction (how long will it stay in Ebay visible for me in my "buys" do you know that?). I already took a lot of pictures, which I also posted in the "Authenticate This Chloe"- thread.

    I'm not quite sure if it's the same bag, it might be. The pics in the auction just don't show all details (next time I ask for more pics if I ever get the courage to go for major purchases again).
    The colour is def. not the same as when you see the bag irl, but it can be the lightning. So all in all I think it's the same bag.

    My best proof right now except from that the bag has SO many strange things about it that looks fake, is the serial number, which I was told can't be right for that bag and that colour.
  14. Too bad with the customs payment, but now I'm just happy if I get the money from the bag back first of all.
  15. The auction should stay in your home page for a while but print it out just to be sure. Let Paypal know that the Serial Number is wrong and you should be okay.

    Keep us posted and Good Luck.