Bought Epi 35.... WHAT TO DO NOW?!?!

  1. you girls have a way with convincing an innocent to fall into the deep endless hole that is the LV WORLD>

    :smile: After years of boycotting LV, I gave in and purchased an Epi 35 Speedy, Black color, from a Mypoupette seller on ebay. Here's the auction.

    I figured it was a great price, cuz Elux sells new 30's for $800+ and also cuz it's discontinued size. Perfect! Collector's item. And I can use it as a travel bag.

    I received it today :cry: :shocked: :cry: It's much too big for my 5'2 frame, and I look ridiculous with it. I'll try to get pics up soon. What should I do?

    Keep it anyways? Email the seller and ask her to take it back if I pay shipping and give her $50 for her troubles? Email the 2nd highest bidder? Cry about my lost $600???? :sad:

    I'm not giving up yet... perhaps the 30 is a better size? Anyone vouch for this auction as authentic stuff??

    :shame: Please hep... PH-BF doesn't know I even bought the LV, and I'd get in trouble if he caught me purchasing something before trying it on, or worse off, whining about a mistake purchase I made impulsively
  2. If it is to big there is no sence in keeping it.
  3. Just so you know, my Mandarina Epi 30 officially measures almost 35! So, be careful and ask for measurements. Or you'll end up with the same bags!!!
  4. Maybe you could sell it? I hate when you get something your excited about and then it turns out you don't like it!! Sorry!!
  5. I'm 5'3 and I think the 30 is the perfect size...if anything, maybe you can re-sell the 35 and purchase the 30? Go to the nearest LV store first, though, and try on the 30!! :smile:
  6. But how can I resell it? I'm not a my poupette member... would it be harder to sell?
  7. hey Lyn2005
    i'm really sorry that this has happened to you! :sad: ***hugs*** i'm only just 5'1 and i have a speedy 30 and its great! i totally agree - go into the LV store and try on the bags you like to get a feel....
    and sell the 35... i reckon you can re-sell it as long as you take some really good pics and just be up front etc... when you're listing it!
    all the best!!! and keep us up to date!!! :smile: ***hugs***
  8. i'd also resell it. just add in the auction that you bought it from a MPRS and maybe add the auction link as well. good luck!
  9. Would you be interested in keeping the 35 and using it as a carry-on/ overnight bag? Then you can get the 30 for your everyday bag.

    Yes, the auction is real.
  10. Epi bags run bigger than the mono canvas bags. Resell it on Ebay if you arent happy with it.
  11. I'd relist it but be SURE to mention that you just bought it from a mypoupette seller and put a link to the previous auction in your description. And in your subtitle, I'd put "purchased from mypoupette seller"