Bought Distressed Coffer in Talco...color question b/c of color transfer please..


May 18, 2007
Hello ladies and gents, I bought my first coffer from Nordstrom's today in a distressed "Talco" is beautiful. However, I have all of a sudden been reading that there is a color transfer with these light colors...and I am a bit nervous given that I just paid $1445 and some change for this bag....ugh!

I am not set on a Coffer (although, I have to admit...I am loving the style) I just wanted a pretty cream or white bag for the summer..not to mention the fact that in AZ...light colors are year round...

I am in sales, so I need something professional (but fun)...and I also have a little I thought the "hands free" was nice on the Coffer....

Help! Advice on my issue would be much appreciated!


Nov 27, 2006
From what I understand from the sales associates the problem happens a lot with denim. I'm sure the other folks in the forum can chime in who have this one. I was considering the light pink or talco and was too afraid, so I went with the Black. Another light option is to get the coffer in the distressed leather versus the soft, nappa leather. Supposedly less chance of color transfer.