Bought Chocolate Cerf

  1. So after really wanting the beige cerf, i decided it's probably not the best bag for my lifestyle right now (throw bags around, have 15 month old) (also the sales associate told me the beige isn't year around, even though i thought it was) and need a cerf in a dark color. So i just got my Chocolate cerf today, but thinking maybe i should exchange it for a black one. Does anyone have this bag and do you wear it as a black bag b/c it's so dark, or is it obviously brown when you try to. If i am spending this much money, is the black one just more neutral - i don't like switching bags, so this will be my everyday bag and that is why i want it to go with as much as possible.
  2. I have seen the brown cerf and while it's very pretty I do not think it passes as black. If you think a black bag would serve you better, go for the black. I find it's easier to wear a black bag than a brown one, for me anyway. But I still want a brown flap, damn it!
  3. Where in the world did you find a chocolate cerf? It sounds absolutely delicious. :drool: I would love one. However, it sounds like you really want a black one and would get more out of it. :yes:
  4. I have both Black and Brown Cerf Totes and love them both! I do use my Black one more often but I wear more black also ....
  5. I think the black would be more of a staple color.

    For me I have too many black bags and reading about your dark chocolate has me lusting for one:love:

    What are they selling for now a days?
  6. I would go with black...
  7. I have the dark chocolate brown Cerf and find it is extremely versatile, moreso than a true chocolate brown. I wear it with everything from pastels to denim. I wouldn't wear it with an all black outfit but it looks great with tops that have black in the color scheme.

    The black Cerf is beautiful too but I already have four black Chanel bags and decided to go with the dark brown.

    Did you pay the new $2125 price for your chocolate Cerf, and may I ask where you purchased it? I thought only Nordstrom carried it but perhaps it is available at the boutiques and other department stores.
  8. My NM has the black Cerf for $1995.

    I'd say go w/ the black...more versatile and if you want just one bag and not switch, black might be the best bet.

    Just like DD101, I find that I tend to use black bags more often but I think it's b/c my wardrobe just works better w/ black. Of course I still have plenty of brown bags...just in case. ;)
  9. I would love to find a brown one @ NM!
    I have several gift cards that could go to good use :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  10. Did you decide to keep the brown or get a black?
  11. brown sounds nice, but I do prefer black cerf
  12. i bought it for $19?? (can't remember exactly right now). i bought it at Saks in Greenwich, Ct. last week at the EGC event, spend $2000 and get a $300 gift card - i felt like if i was spending the money, i might as well get some back!
    So i took my chocolate bag upstairs to my closet and this brown is so dark that even i think it looks black next to my other black bagsand clothes, but a little softer, so i think i will keep it b/c it gives me the best of both - i can wear it as a black and i think it's fine. i am so excited!