Bought Chanel Shoes at NM But Need Bag

  1. I bought these pretty shoes that look like ballerina slippers with a heel and are a pale beige color with a black round toe. They are so:heart: Chanel! :p I wonder what bag will actually go best with it.

    I will post a picture once I receive the shoes since I need help!

  2. Can't wait to see the shoes!!!! I need to see the shoes first!!! :yes:
  3. oooh, any black Chanel bag would go! A Flap or a quilted tote:yes:
  4. sounds yummy! can't wait for the pix, congratz!
  5. They didn't have any black bags at the Chanel in NM. :cry: They have depleted stock now (very little left over the holidays) and they told me to check back in February which is fine so I can save more $$. They had a dark beige flap and some petit shopper totes. Any ideas if I should order anything for them to bring in? Hopefully, I will get the shoes next week.
  6. Look through our Reference Library:yes:
  7. Thanks, I'll be glued to the reference library this week looking at what I like!
  8. those definitely sound like classic chanel pumps! congrats on the buy!

    i think a nice black bag will go great with the shoes!
  9. Here are my new shoes. Any suggestions are welcome? I went to the store yesterday and couldn't find a nice match with the bags they had in stock at Chanel. :crybaby:

  10. They had a flap in the light beige color, which I think they call white, but is light beige at the neiman's at merrick, see my post under chanel shopping, your shoes are tdf!
  11. any Black bag IMO. Chanel is very versatile. . .
    what's your preference style-wise?
  12. Those are the same ones I bought but in flats . . . I think any black chanel bag will go . . . leather or patent
  13. I was thinking of a beige color since I wear a lot of black already in my outfits that way I can make the outfits pop. Any style of bag is welcome.

    I'll check it out you post habanerita.
  14. Handbagdreamrer - Wow! You have them in flats. I saw those too at the store but I needed a higher heel for my work outfits.
  15. I'll hunt down the beige one and if not I'll pick a gorgeous black bag as suggested.
    Anyhow, I was told by my SA that I need to stretch the Chanel shoes by wearing them with a sock. I've been prancing around the house doing laundry with Chanel's on today. LOL