Bought both the pink and the black chanel bowler should I keep them both?

  1. I just recently bought the black chanel bowler with the C'c on it. For some reson I really wanted the pink one but was in need of a black one. Read through some of these purse blog's and found out about the sale in the Hawaii boutique and ended up ordering pink too. Should I keep them both. What should I do? Also thought the pink one might have some value toit since it is discontinued. I would like to get the pink wallet as well anyone know where I could find a real one for a decent price? Help I am a shopping addict
  2. I know just how you feel- I've bought several in one month!!
  3. I couldn't decide so I decided on both. When I heard that they had stopped making the pink one I wanted it more!!!!
  4. Well, you have come to the right place!:lol: If you CAN keep them both then DO IT! I WOULD in a heatbeat!
  5. If you love them both, keep them!
  6. Well I still live at home. I can spend the money but it does break the bank. Soetimes I try and sell clothes and othe bags I don't want anymore on ebay ans then buy myself something nice. WQent a little overboard this time!!!!!
  7. Sell other stuff you don't use anymore and keep both!!!!!!!!!
  8. Is that your chihuahua in the picture? I just got a brown and white one that looks similiar to that
  9. Keep them both!!
  10. there is always a way to justify purchases ;)
  11. ohh I agree with the other girls...if you can, keep them both!!

    Having said that I am partial to the black that would be my choice to keep if I had to part with one.. :cry:

  12. wow! if you can of cos, keep them both! i love the pink one, it's so sweet!!!
  13. Yes, keep them both!!!
  14. if u love them, keep them both, if u can =D
  15. Keep both! I have both, as well, and I think they serve different purposes. The pink is more fun & girly, while the black is a little more sophisticated. I would wear the black one to a luncheon; whereas, I'd be more keen on wearing the pink out to run errands & such.