Bought beautiful armchair from thrift store... fabric cleaner?

  1. Hi ladies!

    I got a great big armchair from a thrift store for $45.00. It's a little bit dirty... no stains, just general dirt. I'm not 100% sure, but I think the fabric is jacquard... a really light cream color. It has flowers embroidered on it.

    Any fabric-cleaner suggestions? I don't really want to send it out to be cleaned because I live on the top floor of a walk-up and it's an expensive hassle!

    Thank you!
  2. I swear by Resolve, but I'm not sure you can use it for upholstery ... maybe even something like Spray and Wash?
  3. Maybe Coach's product designed to clean Signature bags?
  4. you should try one of those wet vacs. I think there are hand held ones now.
  5. You could hire a deep cleaner specially for sofas because you do not want to drench the sofa, it sounds lovely, so all that is needed is for the padding at the bottom to be lifted off and throughly cleaned. Most stores sell a special fabric cleaner which should help!x
  6. since you have the walk up problem i guess you don't want to rent a steam cleaner. i do know that woolite makes a foam cleaner that comes in an aerosol can. i have used it before. i think it is suitable for carpet or upholstery. it may be two separate versions though. i'd do a google search and check for what else might be out there. good luck. :tup:

    eta: i found a house cleaning site that recommends a product called tuff stuff. they claim it is little known but very good and available in grocery stores. you can find it by googling. Amazon had it. maybe worth a try.