Bought bags from Shirise? Please share your experience...

  1. Hello everyone,

    I recently ordered a bag from Shirise. It came with Shirise's own tag only, there weren't any original tag/card (that usually come with the bag). According to the store, they remove/discard ALL the original tags/cards (that come with the bags) to eliminate numbering confusion for their workers. A lady (owner?) said that their store is very small, they want it to be as neat as possible -> eliminate the tags to save space!! My intial thought was that the tags can be placed inside the bag right?

    I'm just really...really curious, are they being HONEST with this claim? It doesn't seem to make any sense at all! Their SAs only rely on their store tag to identify a color/style. The SAs I talked to (the phone) don't know which bag is which. If certain bag happens to miss tags, they should tell their customers the truth rather than lying about it.

    The problem is not solely on the missing tags, but whether the store is a honest retailer. Please share your experience if you bought something from them before. TIA. -)
  2. Hmmm...that sounds very odd. I bought a Balenciaga from them a couple of weeks ago when they were 50% off. Mine arrived with all the correct identifying tags in place. I can't imagine a retailer cutting the tags off every bag in their store, that's weird. Sounds like a tall tale.

  3. They are definitely an honest retailer. I am the one who recommended them in the first place. The store is in a really nice suburb of Chicago and it is high-end. The area with the bags is really really small. I never bought a new MJ so don't know which tags come with it. I don't think they keep tags on their bags but I am not positive. Until this last sale, I suspect that most of their business was walk in or regular customers as they just set up the website a couple months ago. I know that doesn't help you much but they are a great store and have great people working there. As most of their business is walk in, I suspect they are not as familiar with the names of the bags because they don't need to be.
  4. Christine, thanks for confirming that your Balenciaga bag came with tags! =)

    (I called Shirise & asked about the problems with my bag yesterday) The lady & the SA who sold me the bag said that Shirise cut off ALL the tags of ALL their bags & replace them with their own tag only. The original tags are discarded to save store space, I would think those can be placed inside the bags right?

  5. Chigirl, no problem. =) I don't expect Shirise to know all the style/color names of all the bags they carry. What I meant to say is that if they discard all the original tags (style number, color, style name, etc), their people can only rely on their store tag -- no color indication or style name on it.

    I was just curious about everyone's experience with them, wondering if I'm the only one who received stained bag & no tags. =( I bought bags without tags from my local Nordstrom before so that's really not the issue. As long as they are upfront about it, I'm fine. In this case, it doesn't seem like that at all. It's good to know that there are many local retailers & online stores who sell designer bags nowadays -- we as consumers have more choices in terms of who/where to buy stuffs from. =)

    Anyone else? Please share your experience. Thanks again.

  6. Perhaps I should add that my experience ordering from them was perfectly fine. The SA I spoke with (his name was Chris) was very nice and knowledgeable about everything in stock and the bag arrived in just a few days. The store has a good rep and Chris was very familiar with TPF :biggrin: Maybe try speaking with another SA or the manager to return your bag for exchange?

  7. I also had a good experience with Shirise. My bag arrived with the Shirise retail tag attached & the authenticity/controllato cards in the pocket. I would definitely buy from them again:smile:
  8. I'd buy again from Shirise in a heartbeat. They were great in confirming that I was getting what I wanted. My B-bag came with all the right stuff. I don't have any concerns about their legitimacy.
  9. The Balenciaga tags are not attached to the bag to begin with I don't think, are they? I can't remember.

    I would call again maybe?
  10. I bought a bag from them and had an extremely positive experience. Would certainly buy from them again. My bag came with a Shirise price tag, but with all of the Balenciaga tags/cards included.
  11. Thank you everyone for your confirmation that yours came with tags, glad that your experiences with Shirise turned out well! Shirise obviously lied to me & I am unhappy about it now.

    Do you mind reading my experience with Shirise? =)
    Before placing my order over the phone for a Marc Jacobs bag (Chigirl posted about their 50% sale on all MJ bags) on Wednesday June 7th, I asked the SA to examine the bag for me since I'm from out of state (all sale items are final). He assured me that it's brand new. I was told that I should get it by Friday June 9th. When I got it on June 13th, I noticed red stains (dried ketchup?) on the stitching & leather flaps of both side pockets. In addition, there were no MJ tags whatsoever (only Shirise tag).

    I just wanted to hear what Shirise had to say so I called the SA who sold me the bag on Thursday; he said ALL original tags are ALWAYS removed & thrown away because their people ringing up the transactions get confused by the numbering! He said their seller (or buyer, i can't even remember) will get back to me on that.

    Toward the middle of the day, Brandy called me back. She clearly said that she instructed all her workers to cut off ALL the tags of ALL their bags & replace them with Shirise's own tag only, the original tags are DISCARDED! I had serious doubts, therefore, I started this thread.

    Not once did she and the SA appologize for the stains, they LIED about the tags (which I have no problems with in the first place). She probably thought I would accuse her of selling fake bags b/c there weren't MJ tags on the bag they sent me; she went on & on about her store selling authentic stuff - which I already knew from members here, I wouldn't even bother ordering from them if they sell fake bags.

    No tags -- no big deal b/c I don't plan on selling it anyway
    Stains -- i can buy cleaner & get it removed or send it to a leather cleaner

    What bugs me is that they weren't honest (very big deal to me) -- to me at least!

    Thank you very reading. =)
  12. I bought a couple of pairs of shoes and am very happy!