bought bag and seller says already sold it.

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  1. I purchased a bag on* eBay*last night and when I woke up, paid for the bag. Checked my e-mail and saw a message from seller I didnt know she/he had sent saying she already sold the bag before and doesn't have it anymore, so basically sorry and don't pay. too late I just did!*

    So I wrote her and asked her how a refund would go and then again because I researched it for a little while and I told her she could just refund it back to the card (that's how it works I read) and haven't heard back all morning. From all the sales she has had (like 12000 or so) I would think selling on* eBay*is her job but I will assume she maybe has another one and just hasn't got the message yet. How long should I give her to respond and should I write her again at that time or just open a dispute? Thank you!
  2. I sell on multiple sites. I have occasionally had something sell on one site and before I could delete it on the other sites it would sell there as well. Give your seller at least 24 hours to respond. Personally I give 2-3 days.
  3. Owie,

    I'm sorry to hear you are going through that =(

    I know that people who sell on multiple sites can run into this. For instance, I have a bag on reserve with a consignment shop with a down-payment because they are getting two of my other purses toward a trade.

    I noticed they still have the bag I bought on eBay up for sale - even though on their website it shows it "out-of-stock" - it makes me nervous since I've already invested partially in the bag but I can see why they do that.

    I'm sorry you are dealing with that - I know anytime my cards have been refunded via ebay/paypal it has taken 2-3 days to see the funds back. Which is not very convenient if you have your eye on something else.
  4. Since your seller has acknowledged she sold the bag, would expect a prompt refund.

    A day at the most.. it only takes a few moments

    to process your refund...

    You should not have to ask if it was done... She should have done it once she saw you
  5. :tup:
  6. I would expect that. Good luck!
  7. I hope by now you have received your refund. Best of luck!