Bought bad item wreaking of cig smoke

  1. I bought an item that the seller made. She said that she used high quality yarn but she used the cheapest yarn available. It also wreaks of cig smoke masked by febreeze. She has over 2000 ratings with only 4 neg feedbacks and one of the feedbacks complained that it smelled like smoke. She countered by saying her house was smoke free so I just figured it was one crazy buyer. The buyer was SO dead on. I literally have the item out in the garage because it wreaks so bad and my hubby and i have been sneezing since it was taken out of the package.

    I've never bought a bad item. I emailed her and asked what her return policy is. This was her response:

    "i do not take returns as after the item is paid for i crochet them at that time so they are new and custom crocheted for each buyer."

    OK, that is even a lie because I bought the item (a shawl that was supposed to be replica of Cecilia de Bucourt shawls) on February 7th and it arrived this morning via USPS. I hardly think that she was able to sell a shawl on Feb 7th at 2:30 pm in the afternooon, crotchet it, and have it delivered from NJ via USPS by February 11 at 10am. I guess my question is, what should I do? It was $41 so its not the end of the world, I am just so PO'd!!:cursing:
  2. Could you get it dry cleaned or handwash it? I guess it depends how badly you want to keep the shawl as to whether or not to want to pursue it
  3. She sells homemade replicas? How distasteful.
  4. That is just the thing - it is a total piece of crap on top of wreaking of smoke. In the picture, they look really nicely made. I showed it to several friends and they all agreed that the shawls were beautiful looking in the pics. Yet when it arrived, I couldn't imagine ever wearing this thing - it is abhorrent looking.
  5. It's not like she is making knock off Gucci bags. Shawls are all handmade so I didn't find that as a problem. CDB's are handmade too. I just didn't want another CDB one, so I was looking for a different take on one. I just wasnb't expecting a version that wouldn't even sell for $5.99 at Wal Mart.
  6. Understood. :yes:
  7. This is disgusting...I hate all things that reek of cigarette smoke!
  8. I can imagine that wool would "soak" up the smell of cigarettes yeuch! I would ask for a refund especially as it doesn't look like the auction pictures.
  9. I imagine the smell will eventually go away but if the shawl does not look like the photo you should press for a return.
  10. We have a steam cleaner at home, and whenever we go to a bar and my clothes stink, I put it in there. I bet dryel in your dryer would have a similar effect. Otherwise, nothing like fresh air and sunshine to kill a smell! Rig up an outdoor clothesline.
  11. If the thing is a total piece of junk then tell her you are not happy and want to return it, if her shawls are as special as she's led herself to believe then she'll have no problem selling it again!!

    I HATE the smell of cigarettes so I totally empathise
  12. It would if she's a smoker and she is crocheting them herself like she states. The smell would be all over her hands.

    I think she may telling the truth about a smoke free home, some smokers I know don't smoke inside their own homes.....because they know it stinks too. lol Easy to say smoke free home.

    I'd probably ask her right out if she is a smoker....or better yet, tell her that is the only explanation that makes sense as the items reeks of cigarettes.

    Good luck working it out with the seller.
  13. I pretty much told her that the smoke smell was unacceptable. I also told her that I asked her point blank what the caliber of material was that she was using and she told me that she uses the best yarn...Um, no, she doesn't. I have purchased higher quality yarn for my 7 y.o niece's crafts that she always throws away anyway.

    She was scathing mad and said that she spent hours on the shawl and that i didn't appreciate good work. In the end she said she would return it minus the s & h. I need to reply back to her but she was such a nasty person, I am dreading it.

    She lied on multiple accounts. Oh, she keeps saying that SHE is not a smoker but wont come out and say the house is smoke free. So I don't know if that is her logic....Honestly, I think that smokers become immune to the smell and think that they can mask it up to non smokers.

    I do have one question though, since she is begrudgingly doing the return, is it likely she will still leave ME bad feedback because she is POd at me for not liking her "work"?
  14. Thats really gross. I had a similar case with an LV bag that I bought. You should open a Paypal dispute immediately if she doesn't agree to a partial refund. Its really hard to get the smoke smell out of things. I personally am very sensitive when it comes to strong smells like smoke. They make me so sick!
  15. What I highlighted is true. I smoke (quitting soon for my grandbaby) and I am totally immune to the odor of cigarrette smoke. ALso, if she used a cheap polyester type yarn, it's going to be very hard to get the smell out. It does come out in wool-based yarns and some of the finer cotton yarns, but not in the Red Heart or cheaper yarns. (I knit and crochett, have for over 40 years, I know my yarns! Plus I am a member of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Project here... Churro's provide the wool for those lovely Navajo rugs and blankets.)

    IMHO, she should refund you all of it, you shouldn't have to pay for the shipping twice for such a cheap item. I do have to say a good crochetter CAN make something of that size in a short time, however, I don't believe she is telling the truth when she said she made it after it was paid for. (Unless she used a knitting machine. I can zip out a full sized blanket on mine in four hours.)

    She may neg you, but if you word your neg well, it'll hurt her more than you. I'd do the neg just for the way she is handling this whole thing. It DOES hurt a seller more to get a neg, I know when I am buying how they treated their other customers is high on my list to check on.