Bought AquaMarine 07 Compagnon stinks cigarette

  1. Before I start, Mod feel free to move this if it doesnt belong here since I am not quite sure whether it should be on the eBay thread or here... So here goes, I purchased this aquamarine from eBay last week for US$335 and when I received it, MY GOSH it stinks cigarette!!! :cursing: I have tried to air the wallet and the dustbag in the shade for two days now but everytime I put it close to me it gives me a headache! I am so so upset! The condition itself is alright..I really should not complain..however, there are some light white patches on the inside and a yellow one on the outer leather... The little tassels are so dry and thinning..she didnt describe this at all in her eBay auction..Plus she o/charged me too for shipping (US$7) The seller has been really nice to me so I really dont want to open any dispute with her... But now that I am so upset I cant even have my wallet close to me, all these little imperfections and the fact she o/charged me really annoy me! I sold my paddy on ebay just recently and when I o/charged my buyer, I refunded her the difference. What should I do? Should I just heck it, open the dispute and try to get my money back, or try to get rid of the smell which I am hoping you gals can let me know how... Any opinions will be so appreciated! TIA :heart: *Pic is from her auction site
  2. I think I had that auction on my watch list. Is this the wallet that was described as new with tags?
  3. Did she mention the cigarette smoke in her ebay listing? I think you could return the bag for that reason.

    If you want to try & save the bag, I know some girls use dryer sheets & newspaper to absorb the smell. I know other use products like activated charcoal & baking soda. I've used dryer sheets for an LV bag that I got on ebay & it worked very well.

    This site has a bunch of suggestions:

    At the very least, I think you should send the seller a message saying she should really list that her goods are from a smoker's home. That's unfair not to tell her buyers.
    Good luck!
  4. That sucks that this happened. I personally can't stand the smell of cigarettes so it would be a deal breaker for me.
  5. Oh, aki, I'm sorry that you're having problem with your Aqua compagnon! Do you think that cleaning it with Apple Leather products or something like that would help? Also, have you tried putting your compagnon in a box with a charcoal briquette loosely wrapped in newspaper?
  6. Emm..the title is: "Balenciaga AquaMarine Compagnon Wallet Clutch Bag RARE" it didn't come with the controlato card or 'Balenciaga' tag..
  7. Thanks monsoon88, but..what's a charcoal briquette? :sweatdrop: Since I live in AUS, I won't be able to get the Apple guard unfortunately...
  8. I actually was going to bid on this wallet since I love any shade of blue... but missed it..
    I remember she described the wallet as NEW... but from what you are saying, it doesn't seems like it is new (especially the yellow patch and the smoke smell).... You should ask her nicely if you can return it... if not, you should open a dispute if you can not stand the smell...

    Good Luck with this....
  9. Sorry to hear that too.....i also have this auction on my watchlist but i did not bid in the end. I think it's quite tough to remove such smell esp i know when i go partyin with my leather bags, the smell will be there as the leather has absorbed it. Usually i will let it be and air it for awhile but u don't expect it will be totally be away....u jus have to be a little patience, i'm sure the smell will reduced a bit though.
  10. that is so gross. I am sorry this happened to you, but I would definitely contact the seller as soon as possible so that she is aware of it. cigarrete is soooo hard to get rid off.
  11. No, she didn't mention that the wallet would come from a smoke home.. That's the thing..I am not sure if I were to open dispute for this, would Paypal side with me? If I were to say, the item is not as described due to this smell, she didn't mention this at all from the her listing..hence she is not liable for it? Now, that I read few comments from everyone that cigarette smell is very hard to get rid of..I really don't want to keep the wallet...but boy do I hate that smell! I dont know whether its the smell of the cigarette or the hatred of the smell that gives me this headache now! :cursing: Thank you for the link, will have a look tom! Really appreciate :heart:
  12. Thank you! I bid for this cos I :heart: the colour as well...only if I know the true condition of it.. I have sent an email telling her about this, but still awaiting for her reply...
  13. How upsetting. I would definately mention the cigarette smell to her... she may not even be aware of it. I say this because I'm an ex smoker, and I know that when I was smoking, I wasn't really aware of the cigarette smell. Since quitting smoking, my sense of smell is returning and now I'm really conscious of the horrible smell.

    Good luck to you!!
  14. ^^ i'm so sorry this happened to you sweetie :sad:...if i were you, i'd contact the seller & say i want a to return it for a refund...the same thing happened to me with a black twiggy i bought on e-bay a few months ago...the seller claimed the bag was brand new, but when i got it, it smelled like a cigar store :push:...i've got allergies & am very sensitive to the smell of smoke & told her that it was a flaw & since she didn't disclose it in her listing, i wanted my $$$ back...i returned my bag the same day & got my refund once the bag was of luck & let us know what happens :cutesy:
  15. I had trouble with stuff I got from ebay... I bought a pair of jeans that smelled horrible but I was not able to return because they claimed that I was suppose to ask questions like if it was from a smoke free house prior to bidding so I was stuck with it. I ended up selling it at a lost.