Bought and sold and ......

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  1. How many times have you bought and sold to rebuy your speedy 30.?

    I bought my speedy 30 in 2009, sold it about a yr ago because I’m more a shoulder bag gal. I purchased a speedy b. Sold my speedy 30 about a yr ago, sold my speedy b about a month ago to repurchase a speedy 30.

    What about you?
  2. I bought an artsy, sold it, and bought back from the buyer because i had such regret as soon as mailed. Sounds kooky i know but have kept it ever since!
  3. I did the same thing with the Alma PM and Noe GM! I bought and sold the Alma twice and I’m on my third “buy” of the Noe. This time the Noe is a keeper- I bought it in Mono and Azur. The Azur is gorgeous! You’re not crazy :smile:
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  4. Does bought and return count :lol:
    I bought a district PM in DE, returned it; only to buy it again less than 2 weeks later. :biggrin:
  5. I've never sold any of my LV bags precisely bc I know I would regret it (I don't have too many) . Almost sold a chanel and while packaging it to send it out (to a reseller), I changed my mine and kept the bag. So close!
  6. Too embarrassed to say. OY.
  7. I have bought and sold the Azur and Damier, but I will add them back to my collection at some point.
  8. AH, someone with a Noe GM! I have questions :smile:
    I LOVE it, but I'm torn between Azur and Mono. I like the idea of a plain bag with no LV log all over, but the Azur's color scares me. If and when I do get the Noe, it'll be a work horse. I don't baby my bags, and i use the dickens out of them.
    What are your thoughts? Can you post up pics to show wear and tear? TIA :smile:
  9. All of my bags have been permanent. I know I would miss them if I sold them. There have been a few that have been close to the chopping block but I just can't pull the trigger. After collecting so many I have decided to just be bag content for now.
  10. I revamped my collection as, of course, taste changes as you grow. I bought the artsy, speedy B 30, and pm reverse 2x before my wake up call. Oh well, better late than never...
  11. I have bought and sold 8 Speedies in the last years. I like the Speedy, but when I have bought it, I have sold it after a few months because I see it to often here in Switzerland! Now I own no more Speedy and I will buy no more one!