Bought an item and now Seller says it was a mistake... What to do?

  1. Yesterday night I bought an LV for a low buy it now. I paid inmediatly and was very happy because I sold all my bags before Christmas and got this one to use in the meanwhile. Well this is the email I just receive from the seller.

    Hi I am so sorry there must have been a misunderstanding. I must have not looked at the listing when I listed because the Buy it Now price and starting price were way too low. I must have had a typo error and did not edit. This was my mistake. If the purse was mine I would do the correct thing and just let the auction run it's course but it belongs to a friend who would like more for it. I will reimburse you immediately and I am so sorry for the misunderstanding. I am re listing the purse if you are still interested but for the correct price was this all clears.

    :confused1::shrugs: What should I do or say now?
  2. Report them to eBay as a non-performing seller. What a crock about not checking it, you get shown how your auction will appear before you list it!
  3. How much was the BIN? Was it WAY under price like $10 compared to $100? I know this shouldn't matter but I think if it was a legitamite mistake, I might just walk away. But if you just got a good deal and she is having 'seller's remorse', I might pursue it a little further.
  4. I would file against them, not right!
  5. It was a 39 starting auction and a buy it now for $50 on a used bag that normally sells for 150- 199. But she have more bags listed so I'm sure she knows how the process works.
  6. Sounds like she's just having sellers remorse, report her
  7. LV for 50? Maybe she meant 500
  8. I don't think she ment $500 because all her other LV's are also under priced. And this style is the least famous. Also what bothered me is that she didn't even asked if I wanted the bag for more before refunding or asked me if we can worked something out.
  9. Report her. Sellers like this give eBay a bad name and eBay knows it. Auctions are legally binding and Ebay will punish her--she is defaming Ebay.
  10. Report her...if you were a nonpaying bidder I am sure that she would have no second thoughts on reporting you!
  11. Maybe she meant $150.00 but she should check her listings very carefully before putting them up for auction. I would report her. Keep us posted.
  12. def report her
  13. This is what her reply to my last email. At least she refunded me but i really wanted the bag. I'll report her so she can be more careful in the future.

    As I already stated I must have made a mistake when
    > I pressed submit and did not read my listing.
    > Regardless if you have not a reached an agreement
    > with me and Ebay I can't sell the purse for that
    > amount, I know it's not your problem it is mine.
    > Leave me negative feedback, I of course will contest
    > it, explaining my side. I truly understand your
    > anger, if I were you I would feel the same. I have
    > my hands tied to my client as well. Understanding
    > that this will not end well I will still leave you
    > positive feedback since you paid promptly.
  14. I say.. wait till she leaves you positive feedback, take your refund, report her then leave her a neutral feedback.. but reporting her is most important..
  15. hehe- sounds like some serious seller's remorse!!!!!