Bought an Isaac Mizrahi (target) purse should I return it?

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  1. I've been looking for a bronze handbag for a while now. I bought one last year a bucket/hobo snakeskin print leather from Calvin Klein but the first day I used it I had a horrible car accident and got ruined :sad: I didn't want the same one but I have been looking well I went to target and I found an isaac mizrahi, I like it but please tell me what you think 13Lx14Wx7.5D a picture from the web and the one I got. It looks better in person. Should I keep looking or should I keep it?

  2. The smaller photo doesn' t look like the larger one - I really like the smaller one - the larger one looks black & brown rather than bronze - but if it's bronze, I think it's quite nice and I would keep it - Isaac is a talented designer. I guess his deal with Target keeps his stuff out of more upscale department stores. I'm not that familiar with his line (but I love his taste).
  3. It is the same color as the smaller picture they are the same just the one I took doesn't have great light
  4. Why would you take it back? Im confused. Or u taking it back bcuzz u dont like it or just bcuzz it's a Target purse? Bcuzz if it's bcuzz of the latter then that's just stupid. Do you. Don't attatch so much on designer names. If you like the bag keep it. Simple as that.

    And as far as the comment about Isaac not being in upscale stores he has two lines: the cheap one and the designer one. His shoes can cost over $200 @ times.
  5. on first glance I was like, ew, but the more I stared at it the more I like it. I would probably get one myself, I think metallics will be 'out' really soon so I wouldn't spend more than $50 on a bronze bag anyway.
    I say keep it if you love it, take it back and wait for it to go on sale if you just like it, and return it if you have completely changed your mind...

  6. I agree so much with that ^^^

    And if are thinking about returning it only because it is from Target :blink: don't even think about it. It is quite easy to get sucked into the whole "Brand Thing" but you got to get a bag because you love it, will use it, and enjoy it :love: !

    I have bought bags before only because they were designer and I ended up regreting it because I didn't think the bag was worth the amount. Actually one of the sales girls and I at a high end store were talking about how much we love Target. :nuts:

    Now about the bag if it is the lighter color I love it...but if it more black I am not a big fan of it. Let us know what you ended up doing.

  7. I prefer the smaller Target picture as well but Isaac Mizrahi is great! my boyfriend gave me one of the Isaac cashmere scarves for Christmas and I've seen his shoes at Saks
  8. Keep it! It looks cute and funky.
  9. I love target and although I love the expensive stuff (all girls do) it has nothing to do with the question. I am just not sure if this is the bronze bag I am looking for, I like it but how long today, a week , a month. You know what I mean?
  10. No wonder I didn't know that, I usually don't spend that much for shoes and you won't find me browsing in the shoe dept. at Saks. Is his stuff anywhere other than Saks? I'd like to see his clothing line.
  12. "Now" is all that counts. - keep it, wear it, enjoy it!!! we all tire of our bags sooner or later.
  13. Yay! I love Target (I've been switching between a hobo I got from Target and a small Coach these days), and like the lovely ladies here said, it's not always about designer bags. If you love handbags you love handbags, that doesnt necessarily mean strictly designer. I like the smaller bag you've posted a picture of though, cute!!
  14. I have paid $400-$500 for bags that have had loose stitching, broken clasps, etc., and frankly haven't been all that great. I think you pay a lot for a name. stick with what you like. $$$ don't mean quality. I still say Coach gives you the best product for the $$$. Target has cute stuff too. I just don't like bags that aren't leather because I like the way leather wears and gets soft!!
  15. It looks cute in the pictures. Keep it, if it looks the same in real life.