Bought an epi, now I see'em everywhere: isn't that funny

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  1. I bought an epi jasmin in black with gold hardware just last week (found an amazing bag on eBay, carried 4 times if that no wear), anyway. . .

    I am in Starbucks today, and in front of me in line is an epi alma in black, and then later walks in an epi speedy in black, and I am there with my epi jasmin in black.

    Does this happen to anyone else ? ? Or is this just because it's a black bag and I am in the northeast ? ?
  2. yay! congrats!!!

    .......just like when i buy a car, i see hundreds of same ones in a day..... or now i'm pregnant, i see everybody else in the whole world is pregnant!!!! you just notice and pay attention alot more!!!! it happens to me all the time!

    congrats on your new bag!!!! yayayayay!
  3. coinkidinky
  4. Same here! Enjoy, just confirms you have FABULOUS taste!
  5. Wow that's pretty odd and kind of cool! Congrats on the new black epi, I am hoping to add a black epi alma to my bag crew next as well. I do not see much epi at all. I can count on one hand probably all the epi bags that I have seen irl. All were almas and in different colors. Oh wait I once saw a red epi speedy 25, in fact I've seen that girl around town w/ her bag 3x, lol, one of the 3 times I stopped her and tried it on! The other epi I saw were all epi alma, a canelle, black and fawn maybe? I've seen the black epi alma on the same person 2x actually. I am crazy obsessed like this that I can recall ALL the times I've ever seen epi irl. Oh wait, just remembered one more, a toledo epi alma while driving through town, spotted that one from my car, that was about 6 mos. ago. I live in the northeast too, and the place I saw them all was an upper middle class suburb. I mostly just see monogram canvas, cabas piano, speedy or neverfull.
  6. :supacool:Congratulations! You are now part of the super cool Epi club! The secret society of understated elegance. I love my Epis (only 3 - lol) and love seeing other women wearing them. We give that knowing look of approval; it's awesome.
  7. Just goes to show how great black epi is
  8. shows that u have good taste..:tup:
  9. Wow.....This has never happened to me, but I have seen many other lines. Congratulations on your purchase. I know you will love it.
  10. :yes: ITA!
  11. I agree, when you get something new, it seems you always notice that particular "thing" everywhere you go. Congrats on the new bag!!
  12. you should come to canada because i rarely see epi lv's!