Bought an Araline but...

  1. I bought a purple Araline from eBay. I love the colour but can't say I've fallen in love with the style?
    It was only £50, so not the end of the world....but..
    do you think I will learn to love it or just resell it on?
    (I'm so loving my red Mabel that every other bag seems to pale at the mo)
    Any thoughts on the Araline???
  2. Hi rachiem, I love my Araline and probably will until I'm 75. Mine is chocolate, so it's very versatile, but you say the prob. isn't the colour but the style. Do you mean the tassel? Or the slouchiness and/or that it's a shoulder bag as opposed to Mabel (I assume you mostly carry your Mabel in the crook of your arm..?). If the problem is the general style (slouchy, shoulder), then maybe you ought to sell it. If it's the tassel, give the bag a chance in summertime and see how you feel about the tassel then (I think a purple tassel would look very cool carried over a crisp white t-shirt).
  3. I love the araline :heart: Is it the purple one you have rachiem, the aubergine colour or is is more of a dark pink? Where did you buy it, why was it so cheap?? Is it def authentic? (dont mean to ask nosey questions Im just wondering about this! :tup:)
  4. £50! Bargainlicious! I have a tangerine Araline and I love carrying it. I love the shoulder strap, the fact it is so light and the slouchiness. It's a lovely summer bag. I wouldn't part with it and for the price you paid for the purple one, you've landed a really good bag for a bargain.
  5. As you know you'll get your money back (and then some!) if and when you decide to sell, I'd advise carrying it for a bit. I was a bit underwhelmed when I first got my Araline (only really got it because it was a real bargain... although not as much of a bargain as yours :p) but once I started using it, I loved it.

    Adjust the straps so that the tassles fall down the back, rather than the middle.

    It's so easy to carry and really light. For £50, I'd use it as a going out in the rain bag.

    However, if it's really not for you, put it on eBay (make sure you let all of us know :lol:) and think of what to do with the profit. Try it out first, though.
  6. I love the purple Araline. The tassel is fab. :smile:£50 is such a bargain. Enjoy i say.
  7. I like that style, is it sort of 'hobo' shaped?......we need a modelling pic :graucho:
  8. love it the colour is fab, i like the tassels to.
  9. I (currently) have 2 aralines; I paid £50 each for them brand new, I haven't used my dark brown araline since last summer and my other one (coconut) is still brand new never been used. I'm in the same position that I have bags now that I love and use more but since I got them both so cheap and its doubtful I'd get either of those colours again brand new, without a lot of hassle and time and energy on my part. I'm humming and hawwwing about selling either! I'm going to wait til summer because the araline is a fabby slouchy casual bag for summer, its soooooo light too! Maybe wait and see if it grows on you? Its a beautiful colour and a great bargain!
  10. I really need to see it on you before making up my mind.
  11. Kate Middleton has an Araline
  12. Where did you buy it for £50? I feel like Im misssing out on a secret araline bargain club :lol:
  13. Oh, lovely - I say try it out some more. I never looked at them in the stores, but I'm aching to have one now! :smile: Especially in a fun color, like red or purple.