BOUGHT an Ali...and RETURNED that Ali!!!

  1. Hi, guys! So you all know how I could NOT make up my mind b/w the Ali, legacy 10339,and the Carly in khaki/black and my whole Carly medium problem w/ the strap being too short, I FINALLY decided on the khaki/black Ali yesterday, w/ the matching french turnlock small wallet, and went to order it. The SA was VERY nice and told me she had someone coming in from the NYCity store and she could have my order in the afternoon! GREAT! EXCITING!!! Went home for a little while and got stuff done...went back in the afternoon. Was rushing b/c I had to get home to get my son off the bus!!! the SA had my order all packed up and ready to go for me....I VERY quickly looked over the bag (having purchased a bag for $458 PLUS NYS sales tax I honestly thought nothing could be wrong w/ it), checked to make sure the wallet was the right color and left. After my son got off the bus, I told my husband I must now go and "inspect" my purchases!!!! I went upstairs to do that! WELL>>>>>>>>>> I opened the box to the Ali first...right there, smack on the flap of the khaki signature was a NICE sized pull in the khaki signature fabric!!!!!!!!! I could not believe my EYES! Then, I opened the bag, and under the flap on the gorgeous striped lining was glue FUSED on the lining!!!! I was STUNNED....but...there's MORE....I looked closer and there was a SMALL hole in the lining as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!! Back in the box it went! Opened the wallet....the leather flap w/ the turnlock was attached extremely crooked, making the whole wallet look OFF CENTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HORRIBLE!!!!! I couldnt believe my eyes being that this purchase was ALOT of money....I do not have a PCE discount card, and my store is VERY strict w/ giving the discount out to you, unless you have a card....FULL PRICE merchandise in a FULL PRICE store and this is the quality I received......back to the boutique for the THIRD time that day to return....didnt even LOOK at anything else b/c I was soooooooo disgusted at this point! Showed the SA who didnt say anything...I think SHE, herself, was just as stunned! and I got my money back. I am VERY upset right now.....I do NOT want another Ali now....or anything now! I am eyeballing the Chelsea mineral large hobo though, but I am afraid to purchase it! And to think I was one of the only people who have had NO problems w/ the denim stripe tote and wallet!!!!! Sorry to vent! Has anyone else had a problem like this w/ the legacy bags? :cursing:
  2. Oh wow....sorry to hear that all of that was wrong with your bag and wallet!! I think I'm one of the lucky ones because so far I haven't had any problems or seen anything wrong with any of my bags.
  3. WOW
    That is just pitiful.
    It you do order the mineral you should call a store that will let you order it with pce over the phone =)
  4. Aww man, sorry to hear that.

    I'm starting to think that the majority of the Legacy items out now that aren't new (meaning that debuted last fall/winter) are customer returns and instead of damaging them out (and sending them to outlets) a few stores are trying to resell them. :cursing: Man I hope not. I say this because there has been an influx of issues like this posted on the board this month.
  5. I can say that the bag had a 2006 serial number, now a 2007 one, which I thought was odd since we are WAY into 2007 now! I think you are right! They are returns.
  6. has this type of defect happened to anyone else? I am seriously considering buying a LEATHER bag now! and I havent bought leather for years - only signature!!!!
  7. Yeah, go with leather, once you do that, you won't want to go with signature because you will feel that signature fabric is so flimsy compared to leather.
  8. My only concern is that is the leather high maintenance in that you have to condition it every so often? The leather on this mineral hobo I am eyeing is vintage do you care for that? Does anyone know? I LOVE that bag and would LOVE to buy leather...but I am soooooo afraid I will destroy it! Maybe I will have better luck though!

  9. I've never come across that large of a damage while working at coach, and if I had, i'd have made sure it wasn't sold to anyone. That's just gross.

    I would definitely get the leather. I'm totally a leather girl. I just love the look, feel, and smell of it. Plus it holds up much better and to me, has a more timeless look.
  10. I have two Alis - one white leather, one whiskey leather. I have had no problem whatsoever with the quality or the bag holding up. Please get a leather Ali
    in any color you like - white, black, brown, natural or whiskey. I tell you that you will love this bag. It is perfect in everyway. I wouldn't even consider getting a bag like the Ali in signature. You just got a bad Ali and I guess the salesperson did not look it over. I am terribly sorry it was not a good experience for you but try again. I am going to pm you now.
  11. eeekk that sucks..maybe try one more and if that does not work then just try a different bag altogether
  12. I have two leather alis and they hold up really well. I bought my whiskey one last fall and she's a workhorse! Good luck, and I'm sorry about your troubles!
  13. WOW that is horrible! that is the worst story i have heard yet about faulty merch.

    I am so sorry you had a bad experience. I hope you find a great bag that is in PERFECT condition to replace it.
  14. Liz, I am trying to PM you and it says you are full...I need to PM you!!!!! LOLOL....HELP!!!!!!!

  15. you all think I should try again w/ the Ali, but get a leather one???? What color should I get???? Now that I had this horrible experience and am sooooooooo sad over this, I need a REALLY good replacement!! Help me pick a color! Does anyone have pics of themselves wearing the bag in leather in the different colors? Please post! Thanks so much all of you!!!! I am still sooooooooo sad! :sad: