Bought a Zippy in Vernis leather today. Confused about the color.

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  1. I bought a Zippy wallet in Vernis leather today for a Valentine's Day gift. The first store I went into had this other wallet in what looked like a maroon color. I later went to another LV store in the day and showed them the picture of the maroon wallet and asked if they had that in the Zippy shape. They showed me a Zippy in Amarante, which is what I bought. After coming home and looking online, I'm wondering if that maroon color is actually Griotte, which the store didn't seem to have for the Zippy. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    The maroon color in the back.

    The Zippy wallet I bought in Amarante.
  2. the first picture, that could be rouge fauviste also. Hard to tell unless i have a frontal picture of the wallet. i have the Amarante zippy and the 2nd picture is definitely Amarante.
  3. i believe that's rouge fauviste bc in the picture, its the old Sarah style. Griotte came out in 2014 when the new model Sarah came out which is the envelop shape.
  4. It could be either colour but it's harder to tell by these pics alone since both Amarante and RF favour those maroon/burgundy tones and the lighting in the store isn't the best. OP, when you were handling that Sarah wallet, did it turn from burgundy to a fuchsia under the light? If so then it was RF, but if it changed from deep burgundy/black to a rich purple-burgundy, then it was Amarante.
  5. Looks like rouge color for me but I am not an expert; your wallet in amarante is gorgeous :woohoo:
  6. The back snap one is rough Faviste. The zippy is amarante.