Bought a vodafone mobile back in September >>

  1. Last month, it was blocked for being stolen. I just emailed the seller, and it appears he works for Vodafone, well maybe, his email ends in not sure how many people can have that email addy. So I contacted him and asked him to help me resolve this matter, yadda yadda.
    What do I do if he won't help?
    People have suggested Small Claims Courts and such, but I just don't know :sad:
    HELP!!!!!! :crybaby:
  2. Is this a prepaid cell? Why wouldn't you contact Vodaphone and inform them it isn't stolen? Sorry, I am confused.
  3. I did. I rang vodafone and said I could provide evidence that I paid for the phone, its a pay as you go, and they said there's nothing they can do about it????
    I'm like...WTF. I have no clue, it was working perfectly well for the past 6 months, then suddenly it's stolen.

  4. Did you ask vodafone how long the phone has been reported "stolen"? I don't have any useful suggestion, except to keep contacting the seller and maybe the police. Good luck.
  5. Alas, I fear it is only the seller who can help. I don't think that email address means he works for vodafone rather that he accesses his email via their wap or similar service. At least, several friends of mine have their instant email accounts with vodafone and that is their email address too but they work for a University, hospital and solicitors. I would also contact the police and maybe local trading standards for advice. Did you buy the phone from eBay?
  6. yeah from eBay :sad: I'm really gutted atm, I mean, he's sold at least 40 other Vodafone mobiles :sad:
  7. That is terrible, what a lousy experience. Is there any news from the police/eBay? Could it be an error?
  8. I'm taking it into Vodafone tomorrow, they want to make doubly sure that it is blocked and not some kind of hardware fault or something :smile: I will keep you guys up-to-date with it :smile:
  9. Good luck today - let us know how you get on. xx