Bought a Vernis Reade PM and Key Holder!

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  1. I went back to the LV (the one in Holt's) yesterday, and decided to take the advice of those of you who recommended the Reade PM as my first vernis piece. It is such an adorable bag!! I decided on the Noisette, because I think it will be a more versatile color. The Pearl and the Framboise were gorgeous too, it was a hard decision! And I couldn't resist buying the matching key holder :love: :shame:

    I am about to take pics, would anyone mind resizing them for me? I still don't know how :shame:

    I also took pictures the other day of my entire bag collection, so if someone could resize those for me too I would really appreciate it!!
  2. Congratulations. I love the Reade pm and I love the Noisette color. I think they are discontinuing it soon. Good choice. :smile:
  3. Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pictures!
  4. Congrats!!!! Please, let us see pics!!!
  5. Congrats ! Also, if you need someone to help resize, just shoot me an email at selphie at rogers dot com. :smile:
  6. Thanks! :amuse:
  7. Here are your pictures ! :amuse:


  8. very nice! i love the looks great with the vachetta leather and even when the patina sets in!
  9. the noisette is so pretty! my cles is that color. great choices!
  10. Thanks ayla for resizing and posting my pictures!
  11. Excellent choice, Ayla! Congratulations!
  12. Congrat's

  13. let the vernis addiction begins!
  14. That is pretty I love all the new Vernis color!
  15. Love the reade pm. Good choice. Enjoy