Bought a veiny bb at saks - what should I do??

  1. I am a newbie to balenciaga, and I got a cornflower balenciaga at Saks. Its the only one they had and I love the color. Its le dix I think.. sorry have no clue what style it is... just the basic but my question is are the veiny ones bad?
    Thanks in advance
  2. Not at all, some people love veiny and some don't. Personally, I like the variegation in color that comes with a veiny bag. Post photos of your bag, so we can ooh and aahh.
  3. Do you like it? It's a matter of preference - some like veiny, others like smooth.
  4. Post pictures. :yes: I like some veins but I really do NOT like the thin, crinkly veiny ones.
  5. I LOVE them veiny myself :drool:
  6. Actually I thought I wouldn't like veiny when I was looking for my first B-bag...

    And now I absolutely love it! It looks so much different that other leathers out there - very distinct and unusual.

    I actually prefer veiny now!
  7. claudia, sometimes you can make the veininess less noticeable if you condition the leather with AG or lubriderm! good luck!
  8. Veiny isn't too bad. I'm usually not a fan of it but my cornflower has a lot of personality with her veins and all. Her other Balenciaga sisters do pick on her though because she's different from them. ;)
  9. ^It's the veiny-ness that initially got my attention with Bbags. You won't find that anywhere else. I love them, all of them, prefer them.
  10. I prefer veiny bags as well. It is a matter of personal preference – neither good nor bad.
  11. The first bbag I bought I loved for the veinyness; then I bought another one after reading all these threads and got one that was not so veiny and more matte. The distressing is what is so distinctive about Bbags but the thick smooth leather is so soft to the touch. Both are great -
  12. the more you use your b-bag the less veiny it will become - well thats what i've found with my cornflower twiggy.
  13. i realized that i don't mind veins but i really dislike the thinner leather. you can always condition your bag with applecare conditioner to lessen the veinyness.
  14. I personally prefer the distressed, veiny look. My sister almost purchased a black Part Time style at Susan's yesterday but decided to pass because it had almost zero veins, lol. She preferred the veiny look as well. It's best to stop by your nearest B retailer to test drive the leather. Have fun!
  15. Me too,I prefer the veiny, distressed look even if I like the bag to have thick leather, it adds personality!