bought a used computer on eBay, issues

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  1. Hi all-

    I bought a rather expensive computer off eBay and I got it for less than half of original retail and it still had 18 months of an accidental extended warranty (means everything is covered, even cracked screens from a drop worth a couple hundred dollars). The seller disclosed that the battery didn't always charge so I knew upfront I would need to spend $129-199 for a new battery as it was out of warranty.

    I get it and the following things are wrong
    1) fan is loud, needs to be replaced
    2) there is a buzzing sound that was pretty constant but now it is periodically still happening
    3) there was a funky discoloration across the screen (I got this on pictures) but now I don't see it any longer
    4) the w key isn't very responsive, if I press it comes up but just in typing is doesn't always work.
    5) battery doesn't charge at all, computer doesn't recognize it when it is attached

    I have been assured by the manufacturer that it is under warranty and all of these things can be fixed. However, they are a little backed up and I still haven't received my RMA label to return it (could be a few more days) and no one is giving me a straight answer as to how long it will take.

    So, after all of this my question is: would you keep it and just have it repaired under the warranty or would you return and file SNAD with Paypal?

    Think about it like a purse, if the seller didn't disclose a broken strap but you knew it was under warranty and the company would fix it, would you keep it?

    I could keep looking for another one, but most on eBay are out-of-warranty and I usually like to have a warranty in case the thing breaks immediately since I don't know how the previous owner treated the machine.

    While the previous owner COULD have not known about the w key and MAY have thought the loud fan was normal, the buzzing is certainly not. I feel I got a good deal and it still have more warranty than I will likely use so I am leaning towards keeping it as long as the repair won't take FOREVER. I should also mention they charged 3 times more than they paid to ship and they didn't even use signature conf. or insurance :mad: The computer was also not packed as well as I would have packed it (they didn't send in the original box and the wires were just thrown in there and the battery (albeit damaged) was half hanging off the unit.

    What do you think?

    BTW- it goes without saying the seller is getting a negative :cursing:
  2. This is why I would never, under any circumstances, buy a computer on eBay.

    I think you probably got an OK deal considering it is still under warranty. But if you are uncomfortable with waiting, you should definitely file a SNAD and return it.
  3. I only buy them if they are cheap or still under warranty. I have actually bought 4 computers on eBay, sold one, and am currently selling one. This is the only one I have had issues with.

    Thanks for the input :tup:
  4. I realized I wasn't particularly helpful, and I didn't mean to sound rude. I hope I wasn't!

    I'd probably just get it fixed under warranty. You will have a practically new computer when they are finished with it! :biggrin:
  5. no, I didn't take it has rude. just wanted to note I have been successful before. I think computers and expensive handbags on eBay are just as risky
  6. Not meaning to be harsh, either, but it is my own personal policy never ever to buy a computer on fBAy, so I can't be objective. Furthermore, this computer is used AND in need of repairs.
  7. Is this a laptop or a desktop? If the battery doesn't charge, the problem may be the battery or the system board. If it is the system board, you need to contact the manufature to get it fixed before warranty expires. If you plan to claim the warranty, you will need to prove to the manufacture it is defected. Even it has the accidental extended, there still a deductable involved. BTW, make sure the seller transfers the ownership to you; otherwise the warranty may still go under his name. I bought a used laptop from *Bay before and would do it again. My suggestion is, find out how much trouble you will need to go through to get this computer fixed. If you think it is worth it, then keep it; otherwise return it as soon as possible.
  8. It could be that the item was damaged in shipping (hence the loud fan and buzzing noise).

    If you really want the machine, then definitely get it fixed if you feel it was a good value. But I think I would open a dispute if it's going to take a long time for service.
  9. Coachfreak, is this a dell? My have the same problem the battery doesn't charge my husband have to open it and have it solder after that it was fine.
  10. Cutie- Nope, not a Dell, but I saw the Mini 9 at the store yesterday and LOVED it.

    Lori- I agree, the buzzing could be the result of transit.

    HandbagAngel- I managed to find a computer store that sold the batteries locally and now that I have a new battery that issue is resolved. This is the only issue I was expecting with the unit as it was disclosed in the listing. Ordering one online was going to take more than a week to arrive.

    Karmen- I understand. I personally don't see a difference between buying an expensive bag vs a computer, scammers can always send you a fake purse or totally broken computer. I have only bought one that didn't have a warranty, but I realized the unit was too slow and turned around and sold it immediately to get an upgraded one that still had 13 months of an extended warranty left. Never had to get it serviced, except that I replaced the RAM myself because one of the units was bad.
  11. I do not agree that you should never get a laptop/desktop/computer on the BAY.

    That said, i would return. This person was either selling this because they were to lazy to get these things taken care of themselves, or was hoping someone would over look them having not been mentioned in the listing.
  12. I've sold 2 Macintosh laptops and 1 desktop on eBay with no issues. I guess I've just been lucky. One of the laptops was near death and of course I reported all the problems in the listing, and someone bought it, presumably for parts.

    On one hand you have to be very careful and on the other hand you never can tell what will happen during shipping.
  13. For me, the difference is that bag is prehistorically simple compared to a computer, that is, (IMO) electronics are much more fragile and their complexity makes them prone to problems. I think you've been lucky so far--three out of four were in good shape. I've had bad luck with electrical and electronic equipment. There was a time when every single radio, watch, blow dryer, phone, you name it, I bought would turn out to be defective--brand new ones from the store. It got to the point that I would stop the first person passing by aisle and ask her/him to choose the item for me out of the ones on the shelf. Things are much better nowadays, but I remain cautious... (I should have you pick stuff for me! :graucho:)
  14. I can relate, I am on my 7th iPhone. Most of my friends have never had a problem. My sister dropped her's in the toilet but the second one she had for 11 months with no incident. I get dropped calls, screens that go out, phones that take HOURS to sync, etc.... yet I still have an iPhone. I think they are allergic to me but I just keep using it.
  15. I am only on my second iPhone. I had battery issues. I love it so much, though! It doesn't matter how many problems I have with it!