Bought a scarf ring from Ebay, not good condition!

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  1. I recently bought an Hermes gold tone scarf ring off ebay. The listing stated that it was in "good condition" with a few scratches that could possibly be buffed out. There was one photo of the ring but no flaws visible in the photo. Well I received the scarf ring in the mail but there are four or five LARGE scuff marks all over the ring. They are quite dark, basically black. What should I do? The sale price was $65 and it came without a box (a new or as new scarf ring with box would go for 1-120 on ebay). Is there any point asking for a partial refund or should I just let it go?
  2. No harm in asking. That happened to me once buying an LV but the seller refused and called me all these dirty names...
  3. yea no harm in asking the seller. it is a huuge misrepresentation to not show the marks in the pictures. i mean, technically you could file a dispute for an item "significantly not as described". the seller should have show pictures of the scuffs. ive been lucky that most of the listings i come across, the sellers take pictures and literally point out what is wrong with the item.
  4. definately give it a chance. i once bought a "new" bag but it looked like a store return to me. the seller offered 10% refund but i pushed it to 20%.
    good luck!
  5. Its worth asking. You may get a small refund. But a claim might not be a good idea as the seller mentioned a few scratches. I have got really strict recently, actually asking sellers to describe faults exactly and send lots of pics.
  6. Classicsgirl!! same thing happend to me today. I just received my Dior bag today which I bought it off Ebay. The listing said the bag was "Never Used" the bag was originally $495 and I did BIN for $300. I was expecting a flawless condition bag. However, when I received it, on one of the silver hardware, there were scuff marks all over and some scratches. Tiny parts of the leather was also scuffed. From the pictured the hardware looked very smooth with no marks. I do like the bag very much but yeah, I was dissapointed that it had these flaws..I politely asked for a small refund.
  7. I got overcharged on shipping as well - 25 dollars and it arrived in a little envelope. The seller has offered to refund 10 dollars on the cost of shipping, so I guess I will just have to accept that :sad: