Bought a Rotten cake!

  1. This will be a relatively long rant, but please try to give me your opinions on what I should do:
    My family had invited my relatives from both sides to attend an early birthday dinner for my brother. My mother went to a bakery to buy and mixed fruit cake, but the lady there said it had to be pre-ordered a day in advance and convinced my mother to buy a chestnut cake instead. The lady said it was fresh. This happened at about 6 in the evening. When the family got together to cut the cake at about 10pm, I instantly went for the chestnut because that's usually my favorite part. To my surprise, it was sour and the chestnut was not smoothly blended! I told my parents and my mom asked my uncle if it was true. Everyone agreed, but my relatives did not say anything because they thought it was some other filling they could recognize. I took a close inspection of the cake and the chestnut was greenish, opposed to the regular light grey. The whip cream was cracked, which means it was dried from being out for a long period of time. And the strawberries on top were mushy!! My family was soo upset and overwhelmed that they would sell us this cake. The lady there said it was fresh too! This bakery is supposedly one of the most legit, especially for the quality of their cakes, though we did have some bad experiences. The ladies there are snobby and give their potential customers attitudes. So I called up the specific bakery my mom got it from because they have different branches. Of course, no one picked up. I called their customer service afterwards and left an unhappy message. Now my question is, if you were in my shoes, how far would you take this? My dad thinks they should, of course, refund the amount of the cake and in some way compensate for ruining the party because the cake moment is usually the intimate time for the family. Though my SO thinks just refunding the cake is good enough. What do you think? Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

    Btw, I took many pics and some video clips of the cake.

    Thanks for reading my rant. I heart PFers for their great advice.
  2. I agree with your Dad.

    IMHO, the bakery should *start* by refunding the cake, and then -make it right- by offering you something else, an incentive to do business with them again,

    Anyone can make a mistake, it takes a professional to recover from it.

    Give them a chance to do the right thing, hopefully they will!
  3. i'd definately not stop until you got the price of the cake refunded, but i wouldn't push it for anything more than that as long as they're apologetic and give you a refund. it may have been an honest mistake, and now you know who NOT to give your business to in the future.
  4. Don't throw the cake away. Bring it to the bakey and show them what happened to the cake.

    Hopefully, they'll either refund your money or give you a new (fresh) cake.

    It sucks when something you've been so looking forward to turns out to be rotten!

    I got a chocolate orange in my stocking for Christmas. I was waiting for just the right moment to whack and unwrap it. I whacked it about three times, and it didn't feel like it was supposed to. (A normal chocolate orange would be seperate pieces inside the foil. Mine was solid.) Then I noticed the expiration date was October, and the chocolate was an odd color. It tasted fine, but the texture wasn't what it was supposed to be.

    I know my orange doesn't compare to your cake (I threw it out and bought a new one) but like I said, it's still disappointing when you've been looking forward to something only to find that it's rotten.

    Yeah, so to review. Save the rest of the cake. Bring it back to the bakery and show it to them.
  5. We had someone give us one from Whole FOods & I swear it was a week old. Tossed it cause I had no idea where it was from till about 3 weeks later. How dare these places pull this kind of crap.
  6. yeh I would bring the cake back and ask nicely for a refund.

    and Caitlin, I've had the same exact thing happen to me!! I'm totally obsessed with chocolate oranges, so I ate it anyway :nuts: