Bought a preloved Speedy 25 but no lock

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  1. So I just won a preloved Speedy 25 mono but it doesn't have a lock with it, would you buy one? Since it's not new, would a new lock look silly on it? Should I scour ebay for a used one? Also, are they all the same size? Thanks.
  2. congrats on your Speedy -- I'd rather have a new lock from LV - they are all the same size....
  3. get a new one
  4. You can buy it in a LV store. I think $45. No it won't look silly at all. Congrats on the speedy.
  5. I've heard if you have a good relationship with an SA you can get a lock for free :smile:
  6. Buy a new one from LV. The brass on the lock will turnish very fast if you want to have a vintage look. Is around $38 last Dec when I got one. I went on ebay and saw the locks cost twice as a new one from LV.
  7. They are the same size. I would just buy a new one. Use Brasso for tarnish.
  8. Buy a new lock. Age of lock doesn't matter on age of bag because even on older bags, you shine up and clean the lock to look new again.
  9. I never use my lock but I think that buying a new one is a great idea because the speedy without a lock maybe looks a little bit odd?
  10. I actually take all the locks off my speedys anyway! But a new one won't look silly on an older bag
  11. I don't really use the lock, so I don't see a need for it. If you really want one, I suggest buying from the boutique brand new.
  12. you can look online for one
    or try to ask ain a store if they have an "extra"
    or if you like the look just buy new one
    congrats on the bag
  13. Thanks everyone! I'll just go to my local store and get a new one. :smile:
  14. I never use the lock it came with. If I get a good price without the lock, I'll be happy.
  15. I did get a good price, so yes I'm happy :biggrin:. Although, I haven't received it yet.