Bought a pre-owned Rocco: Disappointed, HELP!

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  1. Dear ladies,
    I'm in need of your wisdom. Recently I got pre owned Rocco in Rose Gold Hardware on Ebay. I was very excited when it arrived, but when I saw it, apart from having scratched (which I don't mind) I realized that in various studs at the bottom the RG color had faded and the silver color of the studs is starting to show (you can see it in one of the pictures I'm pointing it with my finger), I was so sad!! I paid $660 US for it,and Im kinda sad to see that the color at the studs is coming out. What should I do?? The thing is that I live in Chile, I've never returned anything that I have bought from Ebay so I don't know if a tracking number from my national post office will be enough for paypal or ebay. Also shipping cost to the states are pricey, I paid 44 dollars for shipping, I guess know that I'm returning it would cost other 40...that's 80 dollars on shipping :tdown: .

    What do you ladies recommend me to do? Keep the bag? Return it? try to sell it on ebay myself and see if I can get any profit?

    Here are some pictures of the bag:






  2. Yikes.. That breaks my heart to bits seeing that. If my RG Rocco ever scratched like that... *cry* I'm so paranoid about it, I never let it touch any hard surface...

    I don't know if you could profit from it, but it's going to get scratched some time, unfortunate to say. If you are that disappointed, I suggest you sell it, cos I don't think you could fix it. Have something you really love.
  3. I don't think there's much you can do, the bag was preloved and that's probably normal wear and tear. If you don't love it, I'd suggest reselling it on eBay.
  4. With use of the bag, I think that is inevitable....but if you are super particular and it really bothers you, I'd ask to return it and get a refund even if you have to be out the shipping costs. To be honest, I have owned several Rocco's and can't say I ever really inspected the bottom of the studs enough for it to be an issue. I suppose with the RG maybe this stands out a bit more than usual, but really it's not something you are going to see.
  5. Ditto. I actually just turned my Rocco over to see if there were any scratches. Never noticed before.
  6. I use the shoulder strap and while you can see the studs you don't ever see the very bottom of them iykwim. Besides the RG is so shiny I doubt anyone would notice unless they knew specifically where to look.

    But if you are really unhappy return it. Better to be out $80 than over $600. IMO. There is no guarantee what price you could get on Ebay for it. Right now sales are horribly slow.
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    ^^i honestly don't even think it's that noticeable, especially since the studs are on the bottom. the rest of the bag (ie outside leather) looks GREAT! u got one with very nice pebbles as well. i didn't even think the rosegold studs could be scratched like that! i wonder how rough the original owner was.... must not be a TPF'er cause most of us baby the heck out of our bags! after 6 months of light use.... my rocco still looks like the day i got it! so i say if you're not completely happy with it, you should resell it on ebay, save a little more money and just get a brand new one! that way you know for sure you'll be happy with it!! HTH!
  8. I agree with ceedoan, the rest of the bag does look pretty good, nice pebbling!
  9. The studs are rather scratched but I also agree that no one is going to be looking at the studs that closely. But if you are anything like me, you are probably going to be very bothered even though no one might notice it which is why I never buy pre-owned bags because I am very particular and it bugs the hell out of me.

    I think you should sell it on ebay if you do not want to pay the shipping cost to ship it back and buy a new one. I just bought a new Rocco ten minutes ago with a 20% discount code and it costs me USD739 with shipping. I think it isn't worth it to pay USD660 and have something you are unhappy with. You'll want to love an expensive purchase.

    I hope things work out well for you eventually.