Bought a new Burberry bag !! How to find out its description??

  1. (this was posted at a different thread, but thought to move it here so it doesn't disrupt the original discussions ... sorry if you've repeated reading this)

    Dear friends,

    I just got my first Burberry too early this week :yahoo: It's a large bag, really functional, with three compartments, including a zippered one in the center, very roomy. It will for sure be a good bag for work!!

    Been new to Burberry handbag, I tried to find some description about this bag I got. However, the Google search results were in either Japanese or Korean, and not searchable at the official Burberry site (or maybe I did not know how to do it right). Does this happen often??? I believe the bag is authentic 'cuz I got it from a Burberry boutique at the Beverly Center (Los Angeles).

    I tried taking a picture of it , but couldn't get the lighting right to capture its leather texture. So here's a web page borrowed from one of the links, except the one I got was all in black leather:

    Any of you is familiar with this bag? (I think it's called BHMC Earlham)


  2. I think this is the "Open Top" bag and the pattern is the "HaymarketCheck".
    Regina :yes:
  3. Thanks very much, Regina!

    I noticed you have the small Burberry Manor in patent black leather in your shopping list for this year ... The bag was on sale at the Burburry boutique near Rodeo Drive in L.A. when I visited the store a couple of days ago (unfortunately, I did not check the price, but I think it should be less than $1000 U.S.). Not sure if Burberry has the same type of items on sale everywhere (you are in Germany, right?) If so, it may be a good chance for bargain.
  4. Thank you for your help! But as I just bought the large Manor in red I can't afford the small black one right now. :sad: It is still available in the Burberry online store, I think. Right now I am also saving money for the Louis Vuitton Manhattan pm.