Bought a MJ bag to UK but it is now in JAPAN?

  1. Hi everyone, I bought a MJ bag about a month ago and the seller shipped to me by Priority Mail International on 24th January but when I last tracked it last week, it is in JAPAN custom????? I have been trying to track it and see if there is any update for the item but it has still been in JAPAN custom still. I am hopeless that I will get the bag back and I emailed the seller who says I can file the claim to PayPal, but surely she can refund me why having to go through all the hassles and wait for PayPal to decide? I have been waiting for so long now :sad: and if I am not going to get the bag, I'd like my money back asap. I emailed seller saying if she can refund me but not sure what she will say?

    Anyway is the case under my favour as I filed PayPal dispute saying item has not been received and provided all the tracking etc. (I emailed USPS as well as they said my parcel should have arrived to me within 6-10 working days but obviously not :sad: )

    Please help
  2. I think you need to be a little patient. It's like Royal Mail, what USPS state as the delivery time and what they actually do are two very different things.

    If they despatched on the 24th January it wouldn't have been processed probably until 28th January which means it should be with you any day now based on 10 working days delivery. Did the seller despatch much later than when you bought it as you say you bought it a month ago but today is only the 9th February.

    Have you contacted Royal Mail to see if they can shed any light on how it could be in Japan?
  3. I contacted USPS which does not help at all. Royalmail and Parcelforce has no clue about it. It is still in custom in JAPAN for the past 5 days according to the tracking (since 3th Feb). Thing is I do not mind waiting if it is still in transit but when it says in JAPAN I basically lose my hope that I will get it back.

    Seller dispatched much later due to her being on hol which I don't mind. I know post can take a lot longer but it is just worrying me when it says JAPAN not UK or on transit etc.
  4. I'm trying to recall as something weird like this happened to me but it was so long ago I can't remember, I know that an item I shipped went a very strange route.

    Has the seller confirmed back to you the correct shipping address?
  5. She said that at the time of shipping she also shipped something to a buyer in JAPAN but she could not recall that she would mistakenly sent to the wrong address, as she said she printed the postage off paypal and everything :sad:

    I really hope it will turn up though but I have been losing my hope the longer I am waiting :sad:

    Thanks a lot for your advice Mooks
  6. Hmmm.....I'd ask her to contact her buyer in Japan!
  7. Was your item from a seller living in Oklahoma??
  8. Sounds to me like we have another one- Most sellers are way more helpful than saying "just file a claim".. this is the SAME MO!!

  9. It sounds like the seller made the huge mistake of sending the item to the wrong address. It has happend to me before!
  10. Was your seller "Dancing*in*my*Malanos" from Oklahoma by chance?
  11. I doubt it's R-O as this parcel has actually been despatched albeit to a possibly incorrect address
  12. If she got the postage off paypal isn't it almost impossible to get the shipping address wrong as it is already filled out according to your paypal information??
  13. Yeah, but if we recall, R-O's handwriting is that of a 2nd graders!!!!

    She writes in chicken scratch.