Bought a Mini Looping yesterday.

  1. I had tried to be satisfied with buying an all-weather leather Dooney, made in Italy, for $235.00, thinking I was doing the middle ground thing. Quality, but a bit more reasonable.

    I sent it back yesterday morning (I had ordered it) and drove to the Cincinnati Saks and bought the Mini Looping. I have been eyeing it since I got my Biscayen Bay in June, and when the kind poster gave us the link to the girl with a bunch of different LV styles on, I printed it and have been even more interested.

    I am 5'3" and fairly small, so this is a really good size for me. I also love that the style is versatile enough to be dressy or casual.

    I really love it. I still am a bit overwhelmed that I spent that much, but I know I will be happy with this bag.

    Sorry I turned this into a long story.

    P.S. Cinnamon was my SA and she was very nice, helpful, and down to earth. I will definately request her from now on.
  2. Congrats!! I have always loved the mini looping bag, I hope to own one myself someday. It is totally worth the extra money!
  3. Aww... Congrats!!! The Mini Looping is sooo cute. :smile:
  4. Congrats! enjoy it!
  5. Cute Bag!
  6. cool, such a cute bag, I got the medium when they came out and I love it!
  7. Thank you all. I really am excited. I appreciate all the good wishes.
  8. Glad you got what you love! Enjoy! :flowers:
  9. Congrats on the mini-looping! I have one when they first launch and I absolutely adored it to this day!
  10. Congrats! I have one too, I think it is such a cute and feminine bag. I was surprised how much bigger it was IRL but sometimes the handle hurts my shoulder bone.
  11. Mini Looping is a great bag!!! CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  12. congrats on your new bag!! the mini looping is so cute and functional!!
  13. Congrats!!!

    Mini Looping is one of my wishlists
    It's so CUTE :yes:
  14. cute bag,congrats!
  15. Congrats !