Bought a mini bucket but received large bucket

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  1. Hi. I'm new to purseblog. I just bought a mini bucket cammello/antico but i received a large bucket. Does anyone here happen to buy their mansur at Anyone had experience what i am currently experience right now. Where you received a wrong item from the retailer?
  2. Have you gotten in touch with the store? They should replace the item for you, as it was their mistake.
  3. Hi kat,

    No. Because the return and exchange period is over. I live in malaysia. The item was delivered to my friend's address in penn-state. My friend just brought back the item to Malaysia recently but i bought the bag somewhere in early May 2016. I am not sure if shopbird will still accept a return item after a month of the purchase date.
  4. I think you should still try and explain the situation to them. They might still want to help you out since you paid for a cheaper item and got a more expensive one. But they will probably ask you to send back the regular, which might be costly for you, given that you're in Malaysia before they send you a new one. Then they'll either send you a new one to the original address or refund your money.