bought a medium boston bag from BG...

  1. and they didn't cancel my order! that's a shock cause I had 4 orders cancelled on me yesterday. this one is still processing so i have my fingers crossed. anyone have this bag? do you like it?

    Gucci*-* Treasure Medium Boston Bag*-* Bergdorf Goodman
  2. I've wanted this bag for a long time! I just tried to get it but it's sold out. Hope you get it.
  3. while i don't have this bag...i can tell you, i looove it! nice choice! very classy!
  4. Wow! I can't believe the price. Congratulations!
  5. I like that bag too. Congrats.
  6. Cute bag! Hope you get it!
  7. yay, just checked the status and they're shipping it today! i'll take pics when i get it!
  8. Yaaah!!! I can't wait for you to get it. This is a gorgeous bag! I can't wait to see it on. I bet it will be nice.
  9. Yes, I love it. I saw it marked down awhile back, but it wasnt that cheap, its been slashed AGAIN. Im crossing my fingers for you too!! :pray:
  10. very nice bag!! can you please post a picture when you receive it?
  11. congrats! beautiful bag.
  12. I got the same one from bergdorf!!! I hope really ship me one... =)
  13. I just got my bag from BG today. I don't really like it :crybaby:. I think it's too rectangular for me. I was so excited to receive it too! But I think I'm going to return it :crybaby:.
  14. ^ if you don't love, it's better to return it and get another one you really love. :biggrin:

  15. I dont know what you were expecting, the shape is pretty obvious in the picture. :confused1: