Bought a Marc Jacobs bag from Maerim on ebay

  1. Hi,

    I just want to know if anyone has bought anything from her and how has it gone. Is she a good seller and honest. Her items look good and she has great deals but I want to make sure. I just bought a bag from her, I want to take it to Neiman Marcus to authenticate it.

    All your help would be appreciated.
  2. I haven't bought anything from her. If you post the auction link in the authenticate this section in the Marc Jacobs thread, people will probably be able to help you quickly.
  3. I did a couple of years ago. It was an MJ....haven't bought Coach for many years. I wish I could remember which one but I know that she was honest and I had no problems.
  4. I bought a beautiful Coach tote from her about a month ago - - perfect transaction - authentic Coach - careful & prompt shipping - - she was recommended to me & I would buy from her again!
  5. I bought a Coach bag from her a loooong time ago (way back when I used to carry Coach), it was a great bag and had no problems. But most of her stuff is outlet bags.
  6. She has some type of connection or discount. She has great authentic items. Makes me jealous because of what all she has for sale!!!
  7. she's a very reputable coach seller (she hits the outlets) i very much doubt she would ruin her reputation by selling ANYTHING fake.
  8. thanks sooo much for the info guys, i think she's a good seller, she definetely has connections, she paid 600$ for the bag and i paid her 790 plus 30 for shipping, still cheaper than retail, but she made 200 off me. I wish i had her connections. i know how much she paid cuz she forgot to block out some numbers off the receipt.
  9. Ditto to the above posts. She ONLY sells authentics
  10. Okay, perhaps I'm the only person in here who had bad experience with Maerim. She was NOT nice with me and I'm never, ever buying from her again.

    I bought a 2006-2007 white blue trimmed Coach agenda from her. When it arrived, the pen was missing. I emailed her and told her the pen was missing and she told me she's sure she put it. I said no, it's not so she said she will send it again. I waited a month and wrote back to her that I still did not get any pen. I also explained that I will have to give negative feedback if I don't receive a pen. She wrote to me very mad and said that she was sure she sent the pen in some kind of envelope. I checked with the post office THREE TIMES and there was no pen what so ever. she was very rude. She said that she is going to give me negative feedback too. actually, her exact quote was: "I can do the same to you. And, you will have to see it for 6 months. But my feedbacks move faster than yours and it will be on the next page within couple day."

    Sadly, it is true. So I ended up giving her no feedback and was left with a penless agenda.

    She stalled for a couple of weeks more saying things like "Check with your post office" and "I sent it in a WHITE ENVELOPE". In every email she sent, she was telling me how horrible the neg feedback would look on my page. Here I quote "Since I did everything I can and if you still leave me the negative feedback. I can ensure you that you will get one from me as well. Your feedbacks don't look good already so your feedbacks ratio will go much lower than now. But my feedbacks are still the same and the feedback that you will leave me, it will be on the second page within a few days. "

    I explained to her that I don't want to give her any negatives, as much as I don't want to receive any. So if she just sends me a pen and I get it intact, then everything should be okay. She sent me the most awful email EVER. Here:
    "WHATEVER. DO WHAT YOU WANT AND THINK WHAT YOU WANT TO THINK. I DON'T CARE AND THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL I WILLS SEND. It sounds like you KNOW A LOT ABOUT U.S. For your INFORMATION, THEY ARE NO TRACKING NUMMBER FOR REGULAR MAIL. I'm not gonna wait my time said that I sent it if I didn't. I DON'T LIES FOR LIVING. YOU DIDN'T live in U.S so I ASKED YOU TO CHECK WITH THAT COMPANY. Why don't you think whoever that address you asked me to send it too might lost your mails. DID YOU EVER CHECK WITH THEM after I told you that I sent it in the WHITE EVELOP LIKE REGULAR MAIL? Do what you please! I don't care."

    Now tell me that's a nice person? I don't think so.

    So yeah, to me, Maerim is a horrible, horrible seller.
  11. It is also important to mention that about two days after that last email, Maerim did write to me and said that she wasn't the one respoding these emails. she said it's her sister in law and she needed money so she gave her the job.

    The issue however, wasn't resolved. I did not get any pen and did not leave or receive any feedback. and I can't guarantee that it wasn't Maerim herself who sent those rude emails.

    Never buying from that person, nor recommending her to anyone. In fact, if anyone asks me I'd say don't buy, completely not helpful and very rude.

    damn, looking back at those emails, it makes my blood boil...
  12. That's awful
  13. I don't remember what I purchased from her several years ago but I do remember that she sells only authentic and was wonderful to work with.
  14. WOW ... I got my Balenciaga Magenta Metallic from Maerim and it is 100% authentic. However, an interesting thing happened after that.

    At the time that I bought the Balenciaga bag, I was part of a different forum (member only) which had originally started out specifically for Balenciaga. During that time, one of the members came up with a Banner which indicated that you were part of the forum (along with your Member Name), so that it could be included in your eBay auctions. As such, we all knew when we saw the Banner who the person was and felt good about the fact that the item was authentic.

    Well, 'lo and behold, Maerim copied one of the Banners and put it into one of her Balenciaga auctions! It just so happened, that the 'ID' of the person that she used was none other than the person who started the Forum in the first place!!!! So, I immediately knew that it had been copied ... I sent Maerim an email indicating that I knew that she had copied the Banner and that I would alert the "owner". Oh boy ... did she get PISSED and sent me an extremely nasty reply. I did, indeed contact the "owner" of the Banner, and after that all h@ll broke loose! Bottom line, she "blamed" me for starting the whole thing ... but heck, what she did was WRONG!!! From that point onward, I have not purchased anything from this eBay Seller.
  15. like i said, horrible horrible!

    might sell authentic, but personaility is an important factor if you wanna keep customers alright