Bought a less than perfect bag from the store. What should I do?

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  1. I bought a Lindy today and when I brought it home, I noticed some of the shrink wrap was missing on parts of the hardware (especially the feet) and there's scratches on the hardware (main clasp and feets) and some deep scratches I can feel with my finger (not on the main clasp).
    I do not think its worn as the corners and inside are clean. It may have been a display. What would you do?
  2. If you love the specs on this bag I would just keep it.
  3. If you are not happy with your purchase maybe talk to your SA and find you a perfect replacement? She/he would understand :smile:
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  4. Very tacky here
    Only solution is speak to your store and clear your doubts
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  5. I think you're right. I can't stop thinking about it b/c I know deep in my heart I'm not happy about it. Back to the store I shall go~
  6. It's a Lindy, not so hard to replace. Ask the store for a fresh new unscratched one :hugs:
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  7. If it really bothers you, talk to the SA. He/she would understand. And like QF said, it is a Lindy, so they should find a replacement for you ;).
  8. The bag should be perfect. I'd be on the phone talking to your SA & requesting a replacement...
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  9. Take it back.
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  10. There is no question; if you are not satisfied - take it back!
    Be polite, courteous, understanding and do all the things to keep 'right' on your side - but be firm and get the outcome you want.
    Hermes is the uber premium leather goods brand; it charges uber premium prices; the margins are such that we all have the right for our purchases to be perfect and not feel the need to check for flaws.
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  11. This will occur more and more often. Since people have been allowed to return a bag to Hermes, you never know if the bag you are buying is really brand new, just out of the production line ( I have weighted my words here) .
    So make sure its new, BEFORE paying for it.
  12. I bought a bag at Heathrow (not a proper Hermes boutique) and I thought I noticed a mar on the leather. The manager called their manager and I was given a 10% discount. LVMH owns the duty-frees, I believe. I returned an Evelyne when the strap grew as I was wearing it. Store manager was mortified and rippped if from me and gave me a store credit. I bought a Birkin.
    Speak up for your own self, Blushingnude!!
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